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Mary Constantini enjoy the activities as part of Light Winter 2015
Mary Constantini enjoy the activities as part of Light Winter 2015

22 December 2016 – 8 January 2017

Come to the museum to explore the power of light and how it can create illusions to trick our eyes and minds.

  • How do mischievous magicians use light to create illusions? In this interactive science show be tricked by the light fantastic with shocking shadows and the headless horror, but is it magic or science?
  • Are you seeing stars? Discover the science behind mirrors and reflection by building your very own kaleidoscope in this interactive family workshop.
  • Let us take you on a journey to the 3rd Dimension. Make your own set of specs and use them to see in 3D.
  • Come to the dark side and play in our shadow theatre. Grab a prop, strike a pose, create exciting shadow shapes to tell your very own stories and be sure to catch it all on camera.

Engine Demonstration

22 December 2016 – 8 January 2017

Behold the power of our engines! Find out how our machines powered a city and discover their role in the Industrial Revolution.

Manchester Mills

22 December 2016 – 8 January 2017

Go back in time to the working mills of 150 years ago.  Experience the deafening sounds of the mill machines, find out what life was like for thousands of mill workers and discover how the industry changed the world.

Wonder Materials

Until 25 June 2017

What’s invisible to the human eye, thinner than a human hair and 200 times tougher than steel? Graphene.

First isolated by scientists at the University of Manchester back in 2004, graphene is made from a single atom layer of carbon. It is super lightweight, super conductive and super strong.

This 21st century wonder material has the potential to radically reshape the way we think, design and manufacture in a host of areas – from racing cars to rust-free paint, from mobile phones to medical science.

In this groundbreaking exhibition, discover the history of graphite and graphene, journey with scientists and artists exploring the cutting edge of material technology and immerse yourself in the wonders of a two dimensional world.

Wonder Materials: Graphene and Beyond is a world premiere, created by the Museum of Science and Industry, in partnership with the National Graphene Institute at The University of Manchester.

Cloud Crash

Until February 3 2017

For the world premiere of Cape Farewell’s 2016 Lovelock Art Commission, Paris-based artists HeHe have taken inspiration from James Lovelock, the Museum of Science and Industry’s collection and the research of the Natural Environment Research Council.

Three new site-specific works – Airbag, Burnout and Diamonds In The Sky – blur the boundaries between natural and man-made clouds in an imaginative appropriation of atmospheric cloud research. They bring the realities of climate change to life and show the effect of our actions on the environment in vivid technicolour.

The exhibition was one of the headline works of Manchester Science Festival 2016.

Wellcome Images Awards 2016

Until December 31 2016

See inside a human eye and get a microscopic look at a moth’s wing as the Wellcome Image Awards return for a third year.

This year’s award-winning images include pathways of nerve fibres in the brain, the delicate colours in a head of maize leaves, and a digitally reconstructed skeleton showing atheroma, the ‘furring up’ of arteries that supply blood to the brain in someone who has had a stroke.

The 20 winning photographs have been selected from the thousands of images acquired by the Wellcome Library for their Wellcome Images collection. Since 2012, Wellcome have held these annual awards to highlight the work of clinical photographers, illustrators and images.

Explore the best in science image making, revealing the close-up and surreal within the biological and scientific world.


Open daily

Stare into the mirror of infinity, create a tornado, and watch your own skeleton ride a bicycle. Play with 25 hands-on exhibits and see science in action.

Could you lift a MINI? Find out how the power of gears can give even the weakest of weaklings super strength.

Be mesmerised by bubbles passing through giant columns of coloured liquids to demonstrate viscosity, see how many of the city’s homes can be lit by using household waste as power, and measure your reactions against the speed of light.

Fly 360


Have you ever wanted to fly your own jet? Our Fly 360° interactive flight simulator allows you to do just that.

Take the controls and perform your own aerial acrobatics in our flight simulator for two.

Tickets can be purchased from the Air and Space Hall information desk or the Red Arrows flight simulator ticket booth.

Please note that the capsule has a maximum weight limit of 500lb/226.8kg.

Ameerah Hamson enjoys the Light Winter 2015
Ameerah Hamson enjoys the Light Winter 2015


The Museum of Science and Industry is closed on 24, 25 and 26 December and 1 January.

Entry to the Museum and all exhibitions is free.

Tickets to ride the Fly 360 simulator cost £10.

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