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Quality time with the family, time to yourself and catching up with good friends are the simple pleasures in life that make us most content.

Time outdoors, indulging in a tasty, healthy meal and a good night’s sleep also ranked among the top things we enjoy.

Making time for your hobby and discovering something new are also considered important.

The study, commissioned by seeded bread brand Burgen, also found one in five Brits spend less than 30 minutes a day on the things they enjoy.

Spokesman Kate Hope said: “The results show it’s the simple things we value most, but the pressures of modern day life can sometimes get in the way. We know, we’ve been there.”

Burgen has teamed up with TV star and well-being advocate Melanie Sykes and Harley Street nutritionist Rhiannon Lambert to urge Brits to discover new things.

Melanie Sykes said: “Over the past 10 years I’ve focused on going for the ‘good stuff,’ adopting a healthy attitude towards food and keeping fit with regular exercise.

“I have learnt to stop saying ‘yes’ to everything and give myself enough time to unwind and focus on me.

“For me, it’s about making time to discover new things that I will enjoy.

”Whether that’s playing around in the kitchen with new ingredients or throwing myself into a new workout routine.

“Hopefully this research will motivate others to make time to start their own journey of discovery and spend more time on the ‘good stuff’.”

The study also found 95 per cent of the 2,000 Brits polled believe making enough time for the ‘good stuff’ and things you enjoy is important for leading a happy life.

Thirty-seven per cent consider lack of money to be the biggest barrier which stops them from relishing the best things in life.

More than a third regularly fear they are missing out on living their best life, with three in five on the lookout for more things in life to enjoy.

Despite citing catching up with their mates as one of life’s greatest pleasures, the average adult will meet with friends just once a week.

Though they will make time to touch base with their family around the dinner table four times a week on average.

The nationwide survey, conducted by, also revealed that 33 is the age where we become our most health conscious and seek to get more ‘good stuff’ in to our life.

One in four take pleasure in eating well, but a third think the cost of eating healthily is prohibitive, and one in six think their lengthy work hours stop them from eating as well as they would like.

Despite this, two thirds find eating healthily generally helps to lift their mood, and the average Brit will turn to food four times a week to raise their spirits.

Rhiannon Lambert said: “It’s such a simple change, but making sure we get enough of ‘the good stuff’ in our diets can improve the quality of our lives, inside and out.

“A balanced diet can actively help improve our health, but the research also demonstrates the impact some thoughtful food choices can have on our mental well-being.”

Taking a view on what we are eating, lack of clarity on what is and isn’t ‘good’ for us has had an impact on our food choices, according to the study.

One in five believe that bread is bad for you. Furthermore, a third confess to purposely cutting the staple out of their diet – with the hope that it will maintain a healthy weight.

Lambert added: “Over the years, carbohydrates have been vilified, yet they are absolutely essential.

“Everyone is different and will have a different lifestyle, energy expenditure and dietary needs – there is no one size that fits all.”

On the announcement of the ambassador partnerships, Kate Hope added: “We’re excited to be working with Melanie and Rhiannon as part of our #DiscoverBurgen campaign.

“Together we hope to help dispel some of the myths surrounding health and wellness, particularly around carbohydrates and bread.

“Now is the perfect time to act. If you’re looking for a delicious bread that fits in with your healthy lifestyle, our best-selling Soya & Linseed loaf is packed with great-tasting natural seeds and grains.”

1. Quality time with family
2. Time to yourself
3. Time with friends
4. More time outdoors
5. Sleep
6. Indulging in your hobby
7. Tasty food that’s good for you
8. Discovering something new
9. Eating healthily
10. Exercising


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