More than one in 10 adults consider their partner eating a McDonald’s meal without them – to be as bad as CHEATING.

A poll of 1,000 fans of the fast food chain found one in twenty desperate for a taste of the grub after months of going without claimed they would even break up with their other half if they went for a sneaky drive-thru alone.

The remarkable devotion among its customers who struggled to live without the food during the three month lockdown is also highlighted by claims that one in five said their first taste of a Big Mac after the lockdown was better than a pay-rise (17 per cent).

While 16 per cent of loyal fans even rated the feeling as being on a par with their birth of their first child and 13 per cent considered it to be better than their wedding day.

The poll also revealed 16 per cent of customers who have enjoyed a McDonald’s since restrictions were lifted considered it to be better than getting a promotion at work.

And almost a fifth felt happier than if their favourite football team were to win the league.

A morning Sausage & Egg McMuffin on the way to work was the occasion most missed during lockdown (22 per cent) followed by family trips to the drive-thru (21 per cent) and weekend stop-offs while out shopping (21 per cent).

But the thought of going without again is causing stress for some desperate customers, polled, via OnePoll, with 46 per cent claiming they would rather go without booze than their favourite burger again.

Almost one in 10 would prefer to forgo their mobile phone and 29 per cent would rather skip watching sport for a year if it meant they could get their hands on a Big Mac.

To celebrate its official return post-lockdown, McDonald’s UK has launched a new advert today (Friday) set to the iconic tune of ‘Return of the Mack’ – following an outcry of love for the song back when McDonald’s closed its doors in March.

The clip [] highlights the excitement of tucking into fast food again after months of waiting.


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