A study of 2,000 people found 56 per cent have bought appliances such as air fryers, kettles and washing machines in an effort to keep down energy costs.
With the average household spending £645.30 on new gadgets in the last 12 months, 28 per cent say home energy management is at the ‘top of their agenda’.
And 81 per cent are making more of a conscious effort to be savvier when using devices in the home.
New habits include only boiling a kettle with the water required (55 per cent) and switching off appliances at the mains as opposed to leaving them on standby (45 per cent).
And of those who have installed a smart meter, 43 per cent agree the in-home display has helped them to be more efficient with their energy.
Despite these actions, 30 per cent would still like to know more about how to reduce their energy usage of appliances to reduce bills.
In response to help the nation better manage their energy usage, Smart Energy GB, which commissioned the research, has partnered with Energy Saving Trust, to share advice when assessing which appliances are actually worth the investment.
According to the data, air fryers and heated clothes dryers (compared to ovens and tumble dryers) are among the most cost-efficient purchases, taking less than five years to pay off the initial investment through the amount of energy saved.
Simple desktop fans are also a popular choice for Brits and can run for eight-hours-a-day while still costing less than using a small air conditioner for 20 minutes.
But some devices don’t fare so well – the popular games console could take up to 35 years to make back the investment, compared to PC gaming which is a significantly more efficient means of entertainment.
Most efficient in the long run
Victoria Bacon, director at Smart Energy GB, said: “For

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