A poll of 2,000 adults found 61 per cent believe they have a responsibility to live a sustainable lifestyle, while 58 per cent see being environmentally conscious as a ‘badge of honour’.
In fact, the average adult claims to be 29 per cent greener than they were 10 years ago, as they make more sustainable choices than ever before.
Now, the average person typically carries out 369 eco-friendly acts a year – more than one per day – compared to just 286 a year a decade ago.
It also emerged 52 per cent believe it is no longer socially acceptable to turn a blind eye to environmentally issues.
And 54 per cent would be embarrassed to be seen as living unsustainably.
Nearly two thirds (62 per cent) feel they have a better understanding of how to lead an eco-friendly lifestyle than ever before.
A quarter credit social media for motivating them to make a difference, while 27 per cent claim campaign groups such as Extinction Rebellion have convinced them to change their habits.
Recycling, eating less meat and avoiding single-use plastics are among the most common eco-friendly acts carried out today, with 55 per cent proud to ‘do their bit’.
Lowering the carbon footprint
However, the research commissioned by Trainline, identified a limited understanding of which eco-friendly acts have the biggest impact on the environment.
Just 17 per cent of believe swapping one long-distance car or plane journey for train travel would have a significant positive impact on the environment.
While 53 per cent are not aware cars have a higher carbon footprint than trains, and 60 per cent didn’t know travelling by plane can emit seven times more CO2 per passenger kilometre than by train.
As a result, only 19 per cent are currently making efforts to travel by train more often in a bid to save the

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