Loop earphones

The Loop Quiet is designed from soft, flexible silicone offering 30db of peace. If you are looking for a deep, restorative night’s sleep, or if you’re back home with the family every hour of the day and you want to truly hit the mute button, the Loop Quiet is for you.

Loop Quiet noise reduction earphones
Loop Quiet earphones - what you get

The Loop Experience is perfect for students who don’t want to block the world out, but to offer 20db of protection. You can hear with crystal clarity, but with any high-end noises are softened.

The Loop Experience is also perfect for sports enthusiasts, musicians, workmen, motorcyclists and anyone who still needs to hear their environment without hurting their ears.

Loop Experience has an acoustic channel that imitates the length of your ear canal, allowing you to reduce noise by 4x while staying alert.

Loop Experience delivers crystal clear sound quality while protecting your hearing with the most stylish and comfortable earplugs on the market. Using industry leading technology, they have developed a unique ring shaped design with an acoustic channel, which when combined with an inner membrane achieves reduced noise by 20 decibels.

Loop Experience hearing protection

Both products are washable and reusable, making them far more sustainable than the traditional soft foam products of the past. Each comes with six sets of ear tips. 

Loop Experience earphones - what you get

All products come with a leather carry case.

Key selling / usage points:

  • Fully Flexible – The only earplugs made 100% from silicone so soft you can lie on your pillow while using them.
  • Reusable – The durable silicon material is a sustainable solution to traditional throw away foam plugs.
  • Ultra-Comfortable – You’ll forget you’re wearing earplugs thanks to the organically shaped earbuds which sit flush in your ear.

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