Are you a pushy parent who is always telling your children no? Or are you a free spirit who will always say yes to their kids, no matter what?
This calculator reveals just how many times you will tell your kids yes and no before they turn 16 – and how you stack up against other parents.
Whether you let your kids stay up past their bedtime or if it’s strictly no sweet treats, it will reveal whether you’re the fun mum or overbearing dad.
The tool was developed after research found parents say ‘no’ to their children 8,395 times a year – with staying up late, having sweets before bed and buying something when shopping likely to get the negative response.
A survey of 2,000 parents of children aged one to 16-years-old, revealed they reject their kids’ questions and queries an average of 23 times a day.
But dads are more likely to tell their children both yes and no compared to mums, according to research commissioned by kids’ camp and family adventure holiday provider PGL.
Nearly two thirds (64 per cent) repeatedly say no to their child for the same request, over and over again.
Of those who felt they say no too often, 54 per cent said they did it to help them understand they can’t get everything.
While 37 per cent don’t want their kids to be spoilt, and 34 per cent do it to protect their kids.
The most common things they are told no for includes staying up past bedtime (29 per cent), sweets before bed (29 per cent) and buying something every time the family is out shopping (26 per cent).

Saying yes is easier
However, it emerged parents will say yes more often than no, a total of around 8,800 times a year.
The top reason for saying yes was that it is the

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