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The biggest lesson learned after having baby number two was knowing you don’t need the latest gadget to have a happy baby, according to new research.

A survey of 2,000 moms with at least two children found that 63 percent voted that to be the top lesson from their second child.

Other top lessons were found to be recognizing that each kid is completely different (53 percent), learning to embrace more confidence as a parent (51 percent) and realizing the importance of going with the flow (49 percent).

While a wealth of knowledge comes with having a child, in many ways, even second-time moms are still “first-time” moms when it comes to child number two.

Conducted by OnePoll in conjunction with Store Brand Infant Formula, the survey found that 84 percent of moms surveyed reported clear differences between being a mom of one and being a mom of two.

Interestingly enough, one in three moms (39 percent) reported worrying less and having less anxiety with baby number two, compared to baby number one.

That doesn’t mean baby number two comes without challenges, though.

Seventy-one percent of second-time moms surveyed said the biggest challenge after baby number two was having to split their attention.

Forty-seven percent said it was a challenge just getting out the door, while 40 percent worried more about their financial situation after baby number two.

More than half of moms surveyed (52 percent) returned to work after both baby number one and two, although one in three switched from full-time to part-time.

When it comes to finances, 71 percent of respondents agreed they were more likely to shop for store brands or other lower-cost options for things like diapers, baby wipes and infant formula with baby number two.

Formula-feeding moms were also more likely to buy a store brand or less expensive infant formula for baby number two (64 percent) compared with baby number one (56 percent).

“Second-time moms are more cost-conscious and feel more confident choosing a store brand infant formula because they realize store brand formula provides the same complete nutrition for baby as the more expensive name brands,” said Rallie McAllister, MD, MPH, family physician and co-author of The Mommy MD Guide to Feeding Your Baby Right.

Finding time for self-care can be challenging with one baby, let alone caring for multiple children.

Consider some of the other challenges cited by moms – more emotional demands (54 percent), double the workload (47 percent) and less sleep (45 percent).

Yet despite of (or maybe because of) the increased demands, 44 percent of second-time moms said it’s even more important to find time for self-care once a second child comes along.

Most moms also noted having a supportive group of mom friends and family is even more crucial the second time around.

“Store Brand Infant Formula wants to act as a resource for all moms,” added Dr. McAllister. “That’s why it has joined forces with thought leaders in a variety of fields — including health, nutrition and consumer savings — to develop and maintain helpful and rich content on From parenting-hack videos and tools to articles and a complimentary e-book, the website aims to make the wild ride of parenting just a little bit easier.”

1. You don’t need every possible gadget, plus you have most of them already                63%
2. Each kid is totally different so follow their lead                                                              53%
3. Embracing more confidence as a parent                                                                       51%
4. Go with the flow or go crazy                                                                                          49%
5. It’s okay if I can’t do it all                                                                                                48%
6. I must trust my gut, even if not everyone agrees                                                           44%
7. When I need help, I must ask for it                                                                                 41%
8. The hard moments pass quickly                                                                                     36%
9. Being with a newborn isn’t as stressful                                                                           34%
10. A baby doesn’t really need shoes                                                                                 34%

1. Having to split my attention                                                                                              71%
2. Harder to keep the house clean                                                                                       61%
3. More emotional demand                                                                                                  54%
4. Getting both children on a schedule                                                                                48%
5. Having to double the workload (baby-load)                                                                     47%
6. Just getting out the door                                                                                                  47%
7. Sleepless nights                                                                                                               44%
8. Worrying more about my financial situation                                                                     40%
9. Needing more help watching older child so I can tend to baby number two                    34%
10. Harder to get meals on the table for the family                                                              33%

1. Seeing my two children bond with one another                                            84%
2. Teaching love and compassion                                                                     71%
3. Never-ending entertainment                                                                          62%
4. Feeling more secure in my role as a mother                                                 56%
5. Being less anxious                                                                                         26%

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