These adorable sugar glider cubs are so small that keepers only realised they existed days after they were born.

The tiny animals were born last month and are smaller than the palm of a hand.

They have joined the animal collection at a jungle-themed attraction where they surprised staff who didn’t expect them.

But keepers at the Zoolab Jungle Room in Larbert, Falkirk. say they are now becoming a great hit with children who come to learn more about nature.


Andrew Moffat, manager of the Zoolab Jungle Room, said: “The cubs are still very small and can still fit into the palm of your hand very easily.

“They only weigh just under five ounces but will get bigger as they continue to develop.

“We haven’t given names to the cubs yet as we will likely give children at a local school the chance to name them.

“The cubs keep the carers very busy and they will for some time. That’s one area where their size doesn’t stop them.”

Sugar gliders are so-called because they are small creatures that are able to glide through the air using a special membrane on their bodies.


In the wild, being able to glide means the animals are able to reach for food and even escape from predators.

Sugar glider colonies are quite large and it is not unusual to find one in the company of around 15 other animals.

They are typically found in Australia, New Guinea and Indonesia, but now the Jungle Room has its own pair of new cubs that will be raised at the attraction.

Diane Mathieson, Zoolab’s managing director, said: “We’re all about life through animals and conservation.

“Our latest arrivals are a real opportunity for people of all ages to experience the real wonder of nature.

“Children at our birthday parties particularly enjoy seeing the variety of life in the Jungle Room, and getting to handle some extraordinary animals.”

Zoolab, the business behind the Jungle Room, is a UK-wide organisation that was formed 20 years ago to work with animals in education and care.


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