A study of 2,000 parents found youngsters aged two to 14 experience things like bruises, split lips and scratches a couple of times a week.
Tripping up is often to blame for a wound (44 per cent), as well as falling off playground equipment (37 per cent) and falling on the stairs (20 per cent).
As a result, the 64 per cent of parents who use plasters get through an average of 99 a year, while 36 per cent who use bandages use 125 a year.
It also emerged children have the most accidents between the ages of three and five years old.
But while 78 per cent of mums and dads feel prepared for a tumble, a third admitted they have been in a position where they’ve not known how to help their child
Dr Zoe Williams, TV medic and brand ambassador for Elastoplast, which commissioned the research, said: “Children often play around and have so much fun either at home, outdoors in the park or in school with their friends – so they’re bound to have a few bumps and grazes every now and again.
“The key thing for parents is how they take care of their kids when it comes to injury, which can often mean keeping a calm head so they don’t panic.”
The study found most accidents take place at home (67 per cent) followed by school (63 per cent) and in the playground (61 per cent).
Other locations where little ones are likely to take a tumble include the park (55 per cent), on holiday (39 per cent) and in the swimming pool (19 per cent).
Parents also take care of their kids by giving them a hug (55 per cent), medicine (39 per cent) or kissing the injury to make it better (37 per cent).
Nearly two fifths will go as far to

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