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The summer holidays will cost hard-up parents of teens more than £600 per child, according to research.

A poll of 1,000 parents of 16-17 year olds found entertainment for just one week during the summer holidays will cost an average of £103.11 per child.

Added up over the standard six weeks of summer holiday, that comes to a whopping £618.66 for each child in the family.

In fact, many parents believe up to 20 per cent of their household income will be spent on their teens over the summer break.

The study was conducted by the National Citizen Service (NCS), a summer programme which, for just £50, helps 16-17 year olds gain confidence, build life skills and become more active citizens in their communities.

A spokesman for NCS said: “As the long summer holidays approach, parents are keen to see their teens move away from their screens and find activities which won’t break the bank, but will ensure they continue learning and developing during their time off.”

When asked to compare with the rest of the year, 73 per cent of parents said they spend more on entertaining teens in the summer than any other time.

In fact, 58 per cent of parents admitted to worrying about having enough money to entertain their teens over the summer holidays.

And a quarter said they believe they spend ‘too much’ cash on keeping their teens happy during the long break.

The research also found that parents’ top worry is that their teens will waste their summers scrolling through social media.

More than half of mums and dads (53%) also worry their teens will spend their time off school being unproductive.

It also emerged seven in 10 parents say their teens are likely to complain about being bored during the summer holidays.

On average, they’re likely to speak the two dreaded words – “I’m bored” – less than 14 days into their break from school.

But they’re not just being difficult; the study also polled 1,000 teens aged 16-17 and found 36 per cent wish their parents would entertain them more when they’re off school.

“The NCS spokesperson added: “The NCS programme costs just £50, with bursaries available upon request.

“Two weeks are spent living away from home, and that £50 covers all meals, accommodation and activities.

“With summer holidays set to cost parents over £100 per week per child, this once-in-a-lifetime experience will not only save you money, but, most importantly, your teen will build skills to aid their future success.

”There are still places available for 16-and-17-year olds across the country to take part in the programme.”

To find out more and sign your teen up, go to .

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