The top signs of a true football fan have been revealed – including naming the starting XI of England’s World Cup winning team, owning multiple shirts and going to at least five games a season.
A study of 2,000 self-declared fans found having played the game themselves – even Sunday league – also made the top 30 list.
While a third said you’re only a fully-fledged football supporter if you can easily explain the offside rule.
Knowing where all the stadiums are in different cities, collecting merchandise for a favourite team and predicting the substitutions about to be made in a game are also signs of a true fan.
However, 47 per cent said you can only be classed as a full fan if you support both the men’s and women’s teams.
Supporting both sides
The research was commissioned by the England Teams’ partner Snickers, whose spokesperson Chloe Smith said: “From missing or being late to the birth of a child or a flight abroad as a result of watching football, we know that England is a nation of passionate football fans.
“However, we know you can’t call yourself a ‘full fan’ if you don’t support both the women and men’s football teams.”
The love for female football is clearly rife as 46 per cent have an interest in it, with men more so than women
And 43 per cent think the growing interest in the women’s game is great for the sport as a whole.
When comparing genders, 54 per cent don’t think female footballers are given the same level of recognition as their male counterparts.
As a result, 49 per cent of those with kids would encourage their daughter to follow or play the game as much as they would encourage their son.
Three in 10 said their daughter plays compared to a quarter who has a son who takes

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