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A new study suggests the majority of Americans plan to get in touch with Mother Nature on their summer getaways this year.

A survey of 2,000 Americans found 66% said they feel their absolute best when surrounded by nature and more than six in 10 (62%) have daydreamed about getting outside this summer.

The urge is so strong, 63% said for the first time since the pandemic began, they’ve made plans to leave the house for more than just a couple of days at a time.

This summer, people want to drive to their nearest lake or river (51%) national monument (49%) or state park (47%).

At these locations, camping (41%), swimming (40%) and fishing (38%) are among the top summer activities planned.

Having a sense of adventure is the most important thing for 67% of Americans. However, more than half (56%) said they will find this adventure without leaving their home state.

Conducted by OnePoll and Commissioned by Cooper Tires, the study found Americans want to drive no more than 115 miles to get to their destinations this summer and have an average of three road trips already planned out.

And for 63% of Americans, being outdoors is best done with friends and family. Almost as many (62%) say they prefer spending time in the great outdoors with their pets. And 59% rather enjoy nature in solitude.



“Americans have spent the last year of their lives at home, and now they are ready to get out and enjoy the great outdoors and all the adventure this beautiful country has to offer,” said Michiel Kramer, Executive Director, Product Marketing for Cooper Tire. “We want to see people go from city streets to their favorite outdoor destination, ready for a perfect summer adventure!”

 The study also found three in five Americans (62%) believe there’s nothing quite like going to a summer spot by car. Two-thirds will even prepare their vehicles specifically for summer trips.

Seven in 10 enjoy taking trips that take them off the beaten path, on trails and off-road routes. In order to do so, 65% of vehicle owners change out their daily commute tires for ones better suited for these off-road adventures.

“If you are heading out on a road trip adventure this summer that will take you off-road, it is important to have a well-prepared vehicle, complete with tires that have the flexibility of reliable, every day on-road performance and a powerful, rugged design for off-road adventurers. With the right equipment both on-road and off, people can safely get to that final destination,” added Kramer.


  1. Nearby lake/river                51%
  2. National monument            50%
  3. State park                           47%
  4. National park                      46%
  5. Campsites                           44%



  1. Camp                                  41%
  2. Swim                                   40%
  3. Fish                                     38%
  4. Hike                                     34%
  5. Rock climb                          34%

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