What-Knot was a familiar phrase from my nana to refer to anything she couldn’t remember the name for, now I know what a “What-Knot” really is.

Entertain the Kids received the “What-Knot” for review purposes with information relating to gardening (see below) but the use for the “What-Knot” knows no bounds.

If, like me, you suffer an illness (Fibromyalgia, Rheumatism, ME, or other similar conditions), tying knots and securing things is virtually impossible, I secured my ladders to my wall for storage using the “What-Knot”.

How many times do you see bungee cords securing items to a roof rack or holding a boot of a car down when it won’t shut? With the “What-Knot”, you can safely secure these items without the familiar bounce that often damages items sticking out of that boot.

Now for the official bit :

What Knot, the revolutionary device that can fasten and unfasten rope, cloth or cable between 3 mm and 15 mm thick, is the solution to a major British challenge.

Almost 50 per cent of people living in Britain are gardeners, with some 27 million of us active participants.*

That’s a lot of gardening – and a lot of gardening waste.

And, with summer almost over, leaves are starting to fall, hedges need trimming and shrubbery needs pruning. So what do we do with all the waste?

Use What Knots and a rope net.


Just let your cuttings and trimmings fall into a simple cargo net, available from What Knot online, then, pull up the corners and secure with the supplied What Knots and attached ropes. There are no knots to tie so no twisting and turning of rope is needed, even securing it all with gloves on. All you need to do now is put the cargo net in your car boot or in a trailer secured safely and easily with a What Knot or two – and take it to your local recycling centre. Empty it and it will dry with no rotting material stuck in corners of bags. 

It really is that easy, as the video shows.

Recycling is on the up, so stay green and join the revolution.

The What Knot is an ingenious device that lets you connect ropes easily and safely without having to tie knots. Forget struggling to tie or untie tight or wet rope knots with cold, wet hands or tired fingers – you don’t even need to know anything about knots. Using the What Knot, you can tie and untie ropes in under six seconds, opening up a whole new world of rope use.


Discover other great ways to use What Knot in your garden.

The What Knot product range, which includes accessories and multipacks, is available direct from What Knot online, with the price of £7.95 for a single item and then much less for multiples, the average purchase is 4 per customer. Screwfix, Robert Dyas, eBay sellers and a growing number of independent retailers across the UK also stock What Knot. In America, it’s stocked by leading retailers such as Home Depot, Walmart, Graingers Duluth and Tru Value.


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