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Defunct high-street store Woolworths has topped a list of things Brits would most love to make a ‘comeback’, according to research.

The 80s shop where you could once buy anything from gardening goods to kids clothes beat arctic rolls and penny sweet shops to claim top spot.

Popular pastimes to make the top ten included BBC children’s TV show, Watch with Mother, Baby Sham and Corona Man, the old truck which used to collect empty fizzy pop bottles.

Jackie Magazine also made the cut, along with Dairy Milk Chocolate Dispensers, vol-au-vents and classic Saturday Morning TV show Swap Shop.

The research, commissioned by adult-only hotel group Warner Leisure Hotels, also revealed the reasons Brits want to see these revivals, with four in ten saying it brings back happy memories.

One quarter said it reminds them of their childhood and 17 per cent agree modern Britain just isn’t the same without them.

Mat Finch, Marketing Director at Warner Leisure Hotels, comments: “We all, at some point, harp back to the good times that have gone by, to our childhood memories and the things that made us happy growing up into adulthood.

“It’s the spirit we keep alive at Warner, creating moments together that our guests can cherish for years to come.’’

The poll also revealed the personal experiences Brits would love to bring back, including taking time out to hold hands with the one you love.

And making time to sit with the family around the dinner table and enjoy a meal without any electronic devices.

If given the chance to go back in time, four in ten would most want to live in the 1960s, saying it was a time that was more carefree with fashion thriving.

One in five would most like to return to the 1970s and just 12 per cent would want to be whisked away in time to return to the 1950s.

Top-ten things Brits most want to see make a comeback:

1. Woolworths 67 per cent
2. Arctic Rolls 22 per cent
3. Penny Sweet Shops 19 per cent
4. Dairy Milk Chocolate Dispenser 17 per cent
5. Watch with Mother 17 per cent
6. Vol-au-vents 13 per cent
7. Saturday Morning Swap Shop 12 per cent
8. Baby Sham 11 per cent
9. Corona Man 10 per cent
10. Jackie Magazine 8 per cent

Data: 1,236 respondents questioned across the UK

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