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Almost half of British women don’t have enough time to enjoy nature, it has emerged.

Researchers who carried out a detailed study found hectic workloads and busy family lives mean many go for long spells without taking time to enjoy Mother Nature’s creations.

Over the past six months, only half of the 2,000 women polled have managed to take a walk in the countryside, go on a dog walk or visit the park.

Worryingly, seven in 10 agreed going a long time without spending any time in nature negatively affects their mood.

A further four in 10 said they feel ‘a bit stir-crazy’ if they don’t go outside for a length of time and one quarter get anxious and lazy.

However, the study did show 86 per cent of women believe spending time in nature is a good way of relieving life’s pressures and worries.

The study was commissioned by naturally inspired skincare brand Liz Earle, who have partnered with Go Jauntly, an app designed to help city dwellers connect with the nature around them.

James Wong, Liz Earle’s Ethnobotanist said: “This research suggests women aren’t getting nearly enough time outdoors– which is concerning given the number of things modern women juggle at any one time.

“Along with the physical benefits of taking a walk outdoors, there are important psychological benefits from being in nature such as relieving stress and anxiety as well as boosting mood, all whilst improving overall wellbeing.

“As a botanist, I have experienced the benefits of being around plants first hand.

“Helping ethically source the very best botanicals for our formulations, for me it’s so exciting that my work connects our customers with the benefits of nature too.”

In fact, the research shows getting out in nature was found to be one of the top ways women choose to improve their state of mind and switch off, while a quarter connect to nature by using skincare with natural ingredients.

Over half said they would feel ‘happier’ if they had more time outdoors and 20 per cent feel their skin would improve as a result.

The poll of 2,000 women found one in 10 only manages five or less minutes a day outside, with the average female getting just 25 minutes of fresh air daily.

Over one third believe this is because they work inside all day every day, while 35 per cent said even when they are at home they’re too ‘exhausted’ to go outdoors.

Similarly, over half admitted by the time the weekend comes around they want to chill out at home but one quarter said they have too many errands and chores to run on weekends.

Women’s favourite way to spend time outdoors is a walk in the countryside, according to half of those polled.

Over one third prefer to opt for a walk in the woods or a day at the beach and one quarter also enjoy gardening as a way to spend time outdoors.

If they had a spare half an hour for some ‘me time’, 31 per cent would go for a walk.

Half of those polled by prefer spending time outdoors with their partner and 45 per cent enjoy going out with their family – while three in 10 solitary women love to be alone.

After spending time in nature, 58 per cent feel ‘happier’ while six in 10 said the fresh air helps them ‘unwind’.

One third also noticed improved physical health when outdoors and 44 per cent feel ‘energised’ and ‘revitalised’.

Hana Sutch, Co-Founder and CEO at Go Jauntly says: “Walking in nature is an under-recognised and hugely powerful resource for mental health healing and maintaining wellbeing, walking with others also helps to build social connections, encourages wider appreciation of the environment and is good for you physically.

“This research shows that we need to do more to help women thrive in ever-challenging circumstances.”

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