Parents have revealed that the parenting task they find the most stressful is also the most rewarding task

IT SHOULD be the most relaxing room in the house, but new research has found UK parents believe bath time is the most stressful part of the day.

In a survey of 1,011 UK parents of school-age children, by bathroom specialists Better Bathrooms, 73% said bathing their children was the task they find the most stressful. But in fact, parents also found they bonded with their children the most during this task.


Bed time was voted the second most stressful task by mums and dads (61%), but, perhaps not surprisingly parents didn’t consider this amongst the top tasks which they bonded with their child over. 

Meal times (48%), the school run (33%) and homework time (21%) completed the list of top five most stressful parts of a parent’s day.

However, when it comes to the most rewarding part of the day, homework time came out second (56%), followed by meal times (39%), the school run (37%) and bed time (19%).

Jules Smith, head of marketing for Better Bathrooms commented: “It’s interesting to see that bath time is deemed the most stressful time of day for parents, but despite this they still find it so rewarding. Whilst bath time can be challenging with small children, it’s also an incredibly valuable time where parents can take the opportunity to play with their children and make personal hygiene fun.


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Top five most stressful times of the day according to parents:

  1. Bath time – 73%
  2. Bed time – 61%
  3. Meal time – 48%
  4. The school run – 33%
  5. Homework time – 21%

Top five most rewarding times of the day according to parents:

  1. Bath time – 69%
  2. Homework time – 56%
  3. Meal time – 39%
  4. The school run – 37%
  5. Bed time – 19%

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