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Saturday, 8 October 2016 sees the return of the popular Ben 10 and can be found on the Cartoon Network each Saturday at 10am.

Sleep under the stars, spot aliens and live like a superhero!

Ben 10 Rust Bucket with Ben and Ludo Fogle

Cartoon Network teams up with Airbnb to offer families a half-term holiday home with a difference to launch all-new series of Ben 10. Ben Fogle and son Ludo are the first guests at the real-life version of the show’s iconic RV, the Rust Bucket.

Ben 10 fans who’ve always wanted to hitch a ride in the show’s iconic Rust Bucket are in for a treat!

Ben 10's Rust Bucket image

To launch the brand new series, Cartoon Network has teamed up with TV presenter and adventurer Ben Fogle and his six-year-old son Ludo to offer families the opportunity to stay in an exact replica of the famous motorhome, affectionately called The Rust Bucket, featured in the animated show.

Available exclusively on Airbnb during the October half term, the money-can’t-buy experience will see families travel to Rendlesham Forest, the UK’s most prominent UFO hotspot, to spend a night in the RV under the stars – and goodness knows what else!

Ben 10's Rust Bucket

The all-new series of Ben 10 stars a 10 year-old wide-eyed and adventurous Ben Tennyson, who discovers an out-of-this-world alien-morphing watch – the Omnitrix – while on summer holidays with his grandpa Max and cousin Gwen.

The holiday home on wheels, which Ben, Gwen and grandpa Max use to travel the length and breadth of the country, while saving the day from would-be villains, has been brought to life by a team of experts featuring its distinctive racing stripes, signature markings, roof rack and headlights.

Interior modifications include a Galactic Explor-o-Scope containing galaxy projection technology, a game station and an entertainment hub where families will be able to preview exclusive episodes of the show before anyone else in the UK.

Ben 10's Rust Bucket

Guests will be welcomed with a fully stocked fridge filled with everything they need to make Ben’s favourite meal of Rust Bucket-naise with Piranha Liver, Goat’s Beard, and Squid Surprise for dessert, as well as an itinerary of fun, family-friendly activities.

Grandpa Max’s binoculars will be essential for spotting anything other-worldly – after all the Rust Bucket is parked in the heart of what is described as Britain’s answer to Roswell and the scene of the most famous extra-terrestrial sightings in the UK.

Ben Fogle said: “Ludo and I are massive fans of Ben 10 so we are really excited to be involved in this competition. I can’t think of a better way to spend the half term holidays! Funnily enough I have a lot in common with Ben Tennyson – a love of adventure, a sense of humour and not forgetting the same name – I just wish I had his extra-terrestrial super powers! We’re looking forward to meeting the all-new aliens, evil villains and seeing what Ben gets up to in the new series.”

Enter the competition now

Enter the competition here before 13th October 2016.

Winners must be available on 22nd 24th, 26th and 28th October and be able to travel to Rendlesham Forest in Suffolk for the stay.

The all-new series of Ben 10 premieres exclusively on Cartoon Network on Saturday 8th October at 10am, with brand new episodes every weekend. 

The popularity of the original Ben 10 show launched three additional animated series (Ben 10 Alien ForceBen 10: Ultimate AlienBen 10: Omniverse); two animated movies (Ben 10: Secret of the Omnitrix, Ben 10: Destroy All Aliens); and two live-action movies (Ben 10: Race Against Time, Ben 10: Alien Swarm).

A proven success for Cartoon Network, Ben 10 is an established sales sensation led by top-selling toys, interactive and home entertainment franchises generating more than $4.5 billion in global retail sales to date. Playmates Toys serves as the worldwide master toy partner for the new Ben 10 with a full line of toys based on the series that will include a range of figures, playsets and role-play items set to launch at retail globally next fall.



With DNA originating from the planet Arburia, this alien hero can curl himself up into an unstoppable, nearly invulnerable sphere. Like a life-sized pinball, as Cannonbolt, Ben can ricochet off surfaces for choreographed attacks. He has no trouble getting moving, but sometime has trouble stopping!


Hailing from the planet Petropia, Diamondhead’s alien DNA is silicon-based – hard silicone – diamond hard. With a body composed of organic green crystals, as Diamondhead, Ben can control his molecular structure to reform all or part of it into crystal weaponry, everything from swords to shields. His crystalline structure also makes it easy for him to reflect or refract light and energy beams.


With DNA originating from the distant planet Khoros, this alien form is four times as strong as the toughest aliens in the galaxy – and not just because of the extra appendages at his disposal! As Four Arms, Ben can lift the heaviest of objects and pack the most powerful of punches, as well as create a shockwave by slapping his hands together. Not the fastest alien of the ten, but sometimes pure strength is what gets the job done.


People may mistake him for a grey frog, but this alien type from Galvan Prime is smarter than your average frog – much smarter – incredibly smart. He may be only 5 inches tall, but Grey Matter is a technophile, able to perceive how complex machinery works by literally getting inside of it – a possibility due to his small size. The micro-suction cups on his skin give him good traction, and he’s also much stronger than his diminutive size might suggest.


From the planet Pyros, this alien DNA is comprised of a magma-like substance that is, predictably, incredibly hot. As Heatblast, Ben has control over extreme heat-based blasts and is able to throw fire from his hands. He can also absorb heat and fire into himself to extinguish it elsewhere. And yes, he is a bit of a hothead, but he can be doused by exposure to water – a possible Achilles heel.


This DNA code originates from the Andromeda Galaxy planet Kiusana, this alien is a mysterious, liquid-based creature. As Overflow, Ben has control over most forms of moisture and can shoot water from his arms (like a water gun) and even create “water whips” as a form of attack. He’s even able to harden water into a protective exoskeleton form. While he may not seem like the most powerful, it has to be noted that when you control water, you control two-thirds of the Earth’s surface and that kind of power is nothing to laugh at!


With DNA from the indigenous lifeforms of the planet Lepidopterra, Stinkfly is more than just a bioluminescent insect buzzing around at high speeds. In this form, Ben’s four-winged acrobatics can be extremely effective. The liquid goo’s and gasses he excretes from his eyes and mouth possess a wide range of uses, including being highly flammable.


Originating from one of the moons of Galvan, the DNA that creates Upgrade makes him a “mechamorph” – a living machine entity with liquid metallic skin. His nanotechnology body can pour itself over any piece of technology, merge with it, and upgrade it to something more powerful and technologically useful. As Upgrade, Ben is in complete control of that upgraded tech.


The planet Flors Verdance is rich in plant-based lifeforms, and utilising that planet’s indigenous DNA as Wildvine, Ben can merge with any plant on the planet. Wildvine also has complete control over his plant body, growing and retracting appendages at will. He has natural camouflage abilities, can cover himself with thorns, can quickly dig through the Earth, and he can even regenerate himself or any body parts that happen to get severed. He does have to be careful not to get his vines tangled, though.


With DNA that hails from the planet Kinet — home to a race of super-fast sentient life — as XLR8, Ben is a super-speedster of the highest order due to his ability to manipulate friction. At crazy-high speeds (+500mph), his attacks are extremely effective and for XLR8, high-speed travel is almost as fast as thought. He better be fast, as strength is not a strong suit for this alien form.

About Cartoon Network EMEA:  

Turner’s Cartoon Network is a universally appealing boy focused, girl inclusive channel driven by its exciting slate of surprising comedy and adventure. The programming line-up explores the relatable themes of humour, friendship, imagination, action and adventure. Cartoon Network targets boys and girls aged 6-12 and aims to champion kids being themselves through its rich mix of entertaining and globally successful content. The programming slate includes leading comedy animations The Amazing World of GumballAdventure TimeRegular ShowClarenceSteven Universe and Uncle Grandpa and action-adventure shows, Ben 10The Powerpuff Girls and Teen Titans Go!

Since launching as a pan-European channel in 1993, Cartoon Network now has localised services throughout Europe, the Middle East and Africa where it is available in 18 languages in more than 131 million homes across over 70 countries.  Cartoon Network can also be experienced through its award-winning website, as well as via games, video on demand, mobile and an array of licensing and merchandising.  Cartoon Network is a brand owned by Turner, a Time Warner company.

About Man of Action Entertainment

Man of Action Entertainment are Joe Casey, Joe Kelly, Duncan Rouleau and Steven T. Seagle, the writers’ collective behind comic’s largest franchise characters as well as original characters published by their imprint at Image Comics. Their creations include Ben 10, the $4.5 billion boys’ action franchise for which they’re executive producing a new iteration, and Generator Rex, both for Cartoon Network. Dentsu handpicked them to create, write and executive produce the all-new MegaMan series. They also launched Disney XD’s Marvel’s Ultimate Spider-Man and Marvel’s Avengers Assemble as EXP/writers. Man of Action created the characters and team that were featured in Big Hero 6, Disney/Marvel’s Academy Award®-winning feature. In addition to creating successful video games, toy lines and comic books, Man of Action are the creator/producer/writers of upcoming feature films and live-action TV series based on their original comic books and graphic novels including I Kill Giants, Officer Downe, Kafka, The Crusades and The Great Unknown. 

About Airbnb

Founded in August of 2008 and based in San Francisco, California, Airbnb is a trusted community marketplace for people to list, discover, and book unique accommodations around the world – online or from a mobile phone. Whether an apartment for a night, a castle for a week, or a villa for a month, Airbnb connects people to unique travel experiences, at any price point, in more than 34,000 cities and more than 190 countries. And with world ­class customer service and a growing community of users, Airbnb is the easiest way for people to monetize their extra space and showcase it to an audience of millions.

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