Getting Fat, Losing Hair and Looking Trim are the Biggest Health Worries for Men

Men spend one year and five months of their lives worrying about how they look, according to new research.

From excess weight to bald patches, the average man worries about their appearance for 35 minutes EVERY single day.

Being overweight is the biggest anxiety for males – followed by hair loss and body shape in second and third place respectively.

Commissioned by hair restoration company, KSL Hair, the research of 2,000 men also found half aren’t confident about their appearance and 48 per cent are losing or have lost their hair.

Simon Lindsay, CEO of KSL Hair, said: “Perhaps it’s easy to forget that men worry about their appearance and these anxieties can really affect their confidence.

“The research highlights just some of the worries men have when it comes to how they look and shows that men spend a considerable amount of time thinking about their appearance.

“With men feeling under pressure to look their best, it’s important we find solutions that not only help men look better on the outside but feel better on the inside.”

Men typically spend a total of two days each year worrying about their weight and will fret about their hair line for around 20 hours over the same period.

On average respondents started to lose their hair aged 35 and of those that haven’t lost their hair, a quarter are worried they soon will.

While respondents said they suffer from four bad hair days each month on average – and they typically worry about grey hair for a total of 12 hours per year.

Males will spend 14 minutes getting ready in a typical day and will worry about what to wear for two and a half hours each month – because they’re not confident about their appearance.

Sixteen per cent of men said images of friends and celebrities on social media made them feel anxious about how they look – while four in 10 avoid looking at the images altogether.

One in 10 respondents admit that they use filters and other effects to improve pictures of themselves before uploading them to Twitter and Facebook.

Of those polled, 96 per cent suffered with acne as a teenager, with four in 10 suffering to some degree now.

A third of men feel less confident when having a bad hair day and a quarter said they have days when they dread leaving the house due to their appearance.

While a fifth of males have avoided social occasions due to reservations about how they look.

A third of respondents dread clothes shopping for a special occasion – fearing they won’t find clothes that hide the areas of their body they feel least confident about.

Men have an average of three bad skin days a month, but only one in ten will use a filter to improve the appearance of themselves before posting them to social media.

Over a fifth of men are so concerned about receding hairlines they’ve had treatment or are considering having treatment to restore their locks.

While 13 per cent of respondents have used hair thickening shampoos and hair loss prevention products to stop their hair loss.

Seventy per cent of those surveyed have never tried to boost their self-belief about their appearance.

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