Two-thirds of Brits are ‘overwhelmed’ by the amount of information on how to be more environmentally friendly – and are suffering from ‘eco-paralysis’ as a result.
The survey of 2,000 adults found many have deemed efforts to be more sustainable as bothersome, expensive and even confusing.
Of those who have struggled with the inconvenience, 52 per cent found using public transport instead of driving to be the most disruptive change.
While 57 per cent of people who are confused on their mission to be greener don’t understand which products are actually good for the environment.
All this uncertainty has left 38 per cent unsure if their eco-changes are having the desired impact – and of these, 43 per cent pointed to conflicting information about the right thing to do as causing their hesitation.
Yet, while many struggle with eco-activities, 32 per cent describe them as easy – with half of these finding it simple to incorporate recycling into their lives.
Henk Van den Berg, eco-heating expert at heat pump manufacturer Daikin UK, which commissioned the research as part of its mission to simplify the search for eco-home heating solutions, said: “The results show that many people are feeling held back from taking steps towards being more sustainable.
“Unsurprisingly, the expense associated with switching to some greener alternatives is a bigger deterrent now than ever.
“It’s clear that the nation wants to do more but is struggling to know exactly where to begin.”
‘Eco-paralysis’ leaving homeowners stuck
The survey also found three-quarters of homeowners think it is important their property is environmentally friendly.
When it comes to considering switching to a more energy efficient heating system, such as a heat pump, the overall perceived cost of installations and confusion about what would work well for their property are the leading reasons which have held them back.
Although for 43 per cent, a heat

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