Research has revealed what a typical month’s energy usage looks like for the average Brit – with the kitchen using £117 of electricity in total.
A poll of 2,000 UK adults revealed the kettle will be popped on to brew a cuppa for a total of 11 minutes every day, equating to £5.61 a month.
While they use their dishwasher for an average of four hours and 42 minutes every week, adding up to £8.63 over the course of 30 days.
In addition, the microwave will typically be used for 11 minutes a day at a cost of £1.50 a month, with the oven in use for two hours and 12 minutes a day at a charge of around £47.12 a month.
Other ways they consume electricity around the home include putting the TV on for an average of four hours a day, costing £6.12 a month, while phones are charged for three hours a day, accounting for just 31 pence a month.
The research was commissioned by EDF to reveal how much the nation’s basic energy habits are costing them, with adults vacuuming for three hours and 12 minutes each week at a rate of £3.70 a month.
It also found 72 per cent of respondents don’t know which appliances use the most electricity in their homes.
With only 28 per cent aware their oven is the biggest contributor to electricity bills, based on EDF analysis of UK household’s average appliance use.
Catherine Fowler, energy expert at EDF, said: “Managing household energy usage is more important than ever at the moment, but it can be hard to make savings without first understanding where your biggest spend is.
“For instance, spending 10 minutes less using the oven will save considerably more than the same reduction in use of the microwave, so knowing which appliances use the most energy can

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