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Brits learn to appreciate a walk in the great outdoors at the age of 27, a study has found.

A poll of 2,000 adults found that far from being a hobby reserved for the older generation, a love of strolling through England’s ‘green and pleasant lands’ is developed as a young twenty-something.

And sixty-five per cent of those polled went as far as to say they get restless if they are stuck indoors for too long.

Three in 10 think younger Brits are becoming more appreciative of the great outdoors as a way of escaping technology and social media.

And one in two believe being active and spending more time outdoors has become trendier in recent years.

It also emerged 70 per cent think walking outdoors is a good stress reliever, and three in five believe it’s important to encourage kids to get outside to keep them from overindulging on social media.

The research was conducted by Regatta Great Outdoors, whose spokesperson said: “There’s nothing better than getting out in the fresh air.

“It’s great to see from the results that Brits are appreciating the natural beauty they have around them at a younger age.

“These findings prove that it is a misconception that younger Brits are glued to their phone and trapped in social media, when really an appreciation for the great outdoors is already growing from an early age.”

The study also found four in five adults say they appreciate the great outdoors – and 73 per cent think Britain’s natural beauty rivals the scenery of other picturesque areas of the world.

The average adult will spend two hours and 22 minutes outdoors a day, with 15 hours a month spent outdoors doing a leisure activity like walking or jogging.

It also emerged 30 per cent of those polled are also spending more time outdoors than they did five years ago, with 63 per cent of adults aged 18 to 24 enjoying regular walks with their family.

A third of young adults enjoy gardening with the family, while those under the age of 25 are more likely to go hiking with mum and dad in tow than any other age group.

And one in three Brits venturing outdoors will post something to social media about their adventure.

But 78 per cent of those surveyed think they find it easy to appreciate the little things in life, though two thirds think their appreciation of the little things has become greater with age.

The research, carried out via OnePoll, also found peace and quiet is considered life’s top little pleasure, followed by going for a walk, getting out in the fresh air and walks on the beach.

The English countryside, siting in the garden and a clear and starry night also featured in the top 10.

A spokesperson for Regatta added: “Sometimes the best things in life are free, and it is important for busy Brits to take a moment each day to consider what they have.

“Many people believe hiking or walking is for older generations. We’re not surprised by the results that clearly show Brits are people who love to be outside in the fresh air from a younger age.

“We’re seeing new customers in their late teens and twenties stocking up on outdoor clothing and kit more and more.

“By our twenties it seems most of us have got a grasp on the little things in life which we may have taken for granted when we were younger.”

1. Peace and quiet
2. Going for a walk
3. Getting out in the fresh air
4. A stroll on the beach
5. The sound of birds singing
6. The English countryside
7. Fresh bed sheets
8. Sitting in the garden
9. Flowers blooming in Spring
10. A clear and starry night
11. Hugs from your children / grandchildren
12. Rolling hills
13. Seeing your friends
14. Laughing so much your belly aches
15. A Sunday roast
16. A long lie-in
17. The sounds of rain on a window
18. Listening to your favourite song
19. Hearing the leaves crunch underneath, you as you walk in the autumn
20. A hot cup of coffee in the morning

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