WTF just landed on my desk? A thoroughly delightful, funny, thought provoking book entitled WTF Just Happened.

WTF Just Happened is the product of Martin Goodyer, an on-air psychologist for the BBC and a long-standing member of the Professional Speakers’ Association.

Martin delved into his experiences to produce this easy to read book that we can all relate to. You may not consciously think or say WTF but subconsciously?

WTF Just Happened? by Martin Goodyer
WTF Just Happened? by Martin Goodyer

NEW BOOK: WTF Just Happened? How to make better decisions by asking yourself better questions

Are you asking yourself the wrong questions? If so, the message is simple: change the questions and you can change your life.

WTF Just Happened? takes an irreverent and pragmatic look at the troubles that most people will experience at some point in their life. However bad your situation may seem at this moment, this book will give you the tools to get yourself into a better place.

Everyone has those moments when their heart misses a beat, their stomach churns, or they want the ground to open up and swallow them: you get dumped out of the blue, you get fired from the job you need, your sweet child turns into a grunting teenager overnight, and so on. When was your last what-the-f**k-just-happened moment?

We all have these moments and, unfortunately, few of us respond well. We say and do things that we regret – the fact is we don’t do ourselves any favours. This collection of cringe-worthy stories explains why this happens and what you can do to avoid it happening to you. Covering a wide variety of human problems, followed by a set of ‘take-away’ tips on how to avoid them happening to you, each chapter is an opportunity to gain from someone else’s pain!

Drawing on scientific research into human behaviour and written from the perspective of a behavioural change coach, the book offers readers insights into the reasons why people often behave irrationally and suggestions as to how to avoid such behaviour themselves. Reading it won’t stop bad things happening- but it will help prevent you reacting badly if they do.

If you only buy one book to help you handle life’s challenges, then make it this one!

Martin Goodyer’s simple ways of explaining complex issues brings everyday confusion into sharp focus; his approach is to make sense of psychology and make simplicity a way of life, so that you can start to make immediate changes and avoid those WTF moments.

WTF Just Happened by Martin Goodyer is available now. Published by Crown House Publishing priced £12.99

For more information visit : Martin Goodyer

About the Author

Currently researching a PhD. psychologist Martin Goodyer has a fascinating and unique background. As well as managing high-class international hotels, coaching executives in global boardrooms and writing books and papers on coaching, he appears regularly on BBC Radio as an expert coaching-psychologist and has appeared on ITV’s Jack Osbourne: Adrenaline Junkie and Channel 4’s The Fit Farm.

Martin is a Founding Member of the International Association for Coaching, one of Europe’s leading business coaches and an expert on leadership and behavioural change. With thousands of hours of one-to-one consultations with clients from business leaders to television celebrities, he’s amassed a huge amount of experience and skill in simplifying the art and science of being successful.

He is the author of How to be a Great Coach: Brilliant Coaching Conversations – What they are and how to have them. WTF Just Happened? is his first popular psychology book.

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