Entertain the Kids were delighted when “Around The World With The Ingreedies” landed on our desk for review. A delight for our eyes. Beautiful colours and illustrations bring this Taste Adventure alive. Around the World with the Ingreedies takes you on a culinary journey across The Americas, Europe and the Mediterranean, Asia and Australia.

Around the World with The Ingreedies is aimed at children for family cookery. A mouth watering journey awaits but this book is more than just food, it is an educational journey.

Around the World with the Ingreedies

A Taste Adventure

Around the World with The Ingreedies : A Taste Adventure
Around the World with The Ingreedies

Zoë Bather, Joe Sharpe and Chris Dickason

Laurence King Publishing

Available 1st December 2016 : Hardback £12.95

The Ingreedies will teach kids how to:

•    Be inventive with food

•    Explore and celebrate world cuisine

•    Understand flavour combinations

•    Cook dishes from around the world from scratch

Ingreedies in Mexico
Ingreedies in Mexico

Many parents know it can be a struggle to get kids to eat healthy, unprocessed food, particularly fussy kids. Married couple and graphic designers Zoë Bather and Joe Sharpe found this with their own picky kids but found huge success when they  made food fun, experimental and got their kids involved in the whole process from recipe selection and picking ingredients to prepping and cooking meals.

And so ‘The Ingreedies’ were born, a colourful band of food explorers who teach kids all about food from around the world, from the explosive chillies of Mexico to the magical spices of India. Drawing on the culture, history, science and geography behind our food, Around the World with the Ingreedies is an imaginative and inspiring cookbook adventure that will get kids excited about mealtimes and teach them about food from around the world, how it has evolved and how to cook it.

Ingreedies introduce Rainbow Vegetables
Ingreedies introduce Rainbow Vegetables

The creators, Zoë and Joe said: “this book was born of the same frustrations many parents encounter – inspiration for what to cook and how to achieve clean plates. Through trial and error with our own kids, we’ve created recipes the whole family can cook and enjoy together. We want kids to devour the stories and facts in the book, and in turn spark an interest in the exotic recipes.”

Ingreedies Chinese Dan-Dan Noodles

The book features recipes that children can get involved with cooking and will love to eat, including Chinese Dan Dan noodles, Moroccan chicken stew, Italian pizza, French Tarte Tatin and many more. This adventure through food will tantalise childrens’ taste buds and inspire adventures in the kitchen and is great for fans of Richard Scarry and Tintin.

Ingreedies introduce The British Isles
Ingreedies introduce The British Isles

About the authors

The Ingreedies team is Zoë Bather, Joe Sharpe and Chris Dickason. Zoë is a graphic designer specialising in books and magazines, and was previously a partner in Studio8 Design. Joe is a founder of Applied Works – a creative and technology studio built on research, understanding and storytelling. Chris is a versatile illustrator recognised for his distinctive graphic style and humour that populate his many children’s books.

Laurence King Publishing was established in London in 1991, and is now recognised as one of the world’s leading publishers of books on the creative arts. Their books are acclaimed for their inventiveness, beautiful design and authoritative texts, as well as the care taken over their production.

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