Millions of British children are copying the drinking habits of their PARENTS, new research has revealed.

Over six in ten UK adults admit their children copy their drinking habits for both healthy and unhealthy drinks.

The results show that if they have a soft drink, the child asks for that too, with eight per cent of youngsters having a fizzy drink every day.

If parents drink more healthily, children are also likely to follow, increasing their consumption of water, low/no added sugar squash, milk and fruit juice.

The research, from Robinsons fruit squash, also found that 85 per cent of UK adults reported they drink fewer than the recommended eight glasses of fluid a day,

Almost three-quarters of 5-12 year-olds don’t drink the recommended intakes of fluid and 47 per cent of parents are worried that their children don’t drink enough water during the day.

Consultant Dietitian Helen Bond said: “Although water is the best drink to stay refreshed, it’s not the only source, or even tastiest source, of refreshment.

“As well as feeling thirsty, the taste, colour, flavour and temperature of drinks is what often encourages us to drink more often.

“So, one of the easiest ways to make sure you and your family are consuming adequate intakes of water is to drink from a variety of different, healthy sources.”

The news comes as Robinsons pilot ‘Fruit Drop’, a new doorstep delivery service, to help families drink more water.

The monthly squash delivery service follows in the footsteps of vegetable and cooking boxes, and provides a convenient way to ensure the family enjoys drinking more water.

Almost half of parents surveyed in the Robinsons study said they notice a positive change in their child’s behaviour if they’re drinking enough fluid.

GB Marketing Director for Britvic, Kevin McNair, added: “At Robinsons, we’re always encouraging families to drink more water.

“This research shows the very real benefits of staying hydrated and of parents leading by example with healthy hydration habits.

“Sixty one per cent of parents say it is easier to get their child to drink water when it is mixed with squash, and so we hope the launch of ‘Fruit Drop’ inspires families to enjoy more water.”

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