No doubt, as many of us do, you still have 101 things to cross off your Christmas to do list. LG Electronics (LG) wants to help alleviate the pressure, at least when it comes to festive food preparation, and has partnered with Professional Organiser and Declutter Expert Vicky Silverthorn to devise some top tips to ensure you are ready for the big day.

Top Tips for Christmas Preparation

  1. Clear out your fridge before Christmas kicks off – the last thing you’ll want to be doing on Christmas day is reorganising the contents of your fridge to accommodate drinks and food gifts brought by guests.
  2. Hold off throwing out any used glass jars in the run up to the festive period – they are perfect for storing left overs in.
  3. Be realistic about your shopping list – before buying bags of food check your diary and see if you are going to be able to eat it before it spoils. Like many, do you have plans to be out and socializing over the festive period? Be realistic with what you actually need.
  4. Once you’ve created your list put a date in the diary to do your Christmas food shop, this avoids repeat visits and lets you plan to get it out the way before the mega rush.
  5. Modern fridges, such as the LG Door-in-Door Refrigerator, are packed with a whole host of new technologies to help keep your produce fresher for longer – make sure you familiarise yourself with them and utilise them!
  6. If you’re hosting, cook as much as you can in advance – admittedly the turkey needs to be done on the day, but most side dishes can be made in advance and frozen.
  7. Something that may seem simple but we rarely pay attention to is the temperature of the fridge – check its right. The temperature can affect how long produce lasts and how tasty it is when you take it out to eat.
  8. Utilize the smart storage in your fridge to help keep the contents visible and avoid items getting lost at the back – an organised fridge also makes the food look more desirable!
  9. Store a healthy selection of fresh fruit and vegetables at eye level as a reminder that it’s not all about the mince pies and chocolates.
  10. Set the table the day before – making the table look festive and special can be enjoyed if done in advance. It’s also one less thing to do on the day. Plan a quick and easy breakfast that can be enjoyed without using the dining table on Christmas morning. Pastries, croissants and a fruit platter  – a special finger- food brekkie that can be made the day before and eaten without creating more mess and washing up.

When it comes to storing more specific festive treats, LG has a few more tricks up its sleeve to ensure your food stays at its very best.

  • LG’s refrigerator range incorporates a number of digital sensors that monitor the temperature of air entering the fridge and react instantaneously to maintain your set temperature
  • LG’s Multi Air Flow system ensures efficient temperature regulation, circulating cool air through multiple vents for a consistent frost-free refrigerator. This can be crucial, especially when hosting Christmas, as people are in and out of the fridge all day – grabbing different dishes and helping themselves to drinks, condiments and snacks
  • The LG Door-in-Door: a second door within the main door of the refrigerator where you can keep the food and drinks you use most often, for easy access. The Door-in-Door reduces the amount of times the main refrigerator doors are opened, in-turn helping to maintain a more consistent temperature inside the fridge and reducing energy consumption
  • The Moist Balance Crisper is a lattice-type box lid that maintains moisture from vegetables at an optimum level keeping them crisper and fresher for longer. As well as preventing moisture loss from your fruit and vegetables, this clever piece of kit also emulates sunlight via LG’s Vita Light to help preserve vitamin content
  • Several of LG’s fridges have special compartments that maintain a constant zero degrees, Fresh 0 Zone, keeping meat and fish fresher for longer and ready to cook as soon as you take it out of the fridge

LG’s technology to keep produce fresher for longer is second to none.

For more information about the full LG refrigerator range please visit LG Fridge-Freezers.


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