Drinking water instead of snacks, setting intake limits and cutting out all snacking were among the top changes people have already made to their diet due to social media influence.
While more than a quarter of adults have cut out all bread, more than one in five have cut dairy entirely and 23 per cent skipped breakfast.
But, of the 2,000 adults polled, only 28 per cent checked to see if there were facts to back it up each time.
The research was commissioned by Arla to encourage people to look at the full life cycle of food and farming before making drastic decisions to remove entire food groups from their diets.
It also found 27 per cent of adults now think cutting animal products from their diet completely is the right thing to do – despite 65 per cent admitting they would prefer to consume dairy over alternatives.
Gen Z was found to be feeling the most pressured into making diet decisions, with 55 per cent using social media to inform decisions.
And 49 per cent felt ashamed to order dairy in public in front of their peers.
But despite a growing demand to eat more ‘sustainably’, 41 per cent are confused by what exactly makes a sustainable diet.
Debbie Wilkins, an Arla Farmer in Gloucestershire, said: “Dairy farming can often be misunderstood, particularly when snap decisions get made based on what we see on social media.
“When this starts to play a role in our decision-making process, particularly when it comes to our health and wellbeing, it’s important we take a step back and look at the whole picture.
“Considering things like, the love I have for my farm, for my cows, all nature, and the environment when viewing the industry as a whole.
“The ‘all or nothing’ attitude so many groups and brands are pushing is not always

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