A poll of 2,000 adults revealed 42 per cent think people who have passed away are still able to contact us from the other side.
And 63 per cent of these reckon they have received signals or signs from someone no longer with us.
The top five ‘signs’ Brits think can indicate a spirit, included sensing a presence in the room (27 per cent), household pets behaving strangely (23 per cent) and smelling a particular scent and not knowing the source (22 per cent).
Other indicators are feeling someone touch you when no one is there (21 per cent), and seeing spiritual symbols, such as birds or feathers (21 per cent).
It also emerged a quarter (25 per cent) have felt like a spiritual sign has helped them to make the right choice at some point in life.
Securing a job, marriage proposals, watching over them through illness or injury, and travelling the world are among the ways they have felt guided by a deceased loved one.
The research was commissioned by Sky to mark the launch of its new supernatural crime-thriller, The Rising, on Sky Max and streaming service NOW from 22nd April.
The mini-series focuses on protagonist Neve Kelly, who returns from the afterlife determined to solve her own murder.
To mark the launch, video footage captured the moment the eerie spirit of Neve came to life as a holographic projection emerging from the waters of Derwentwater.
It was created by Kaleida; also the creators of the viral Robert Kardashian hologram for Kanye West.
Clara Rugaard, who plays The Rising’s protagonist Neve Kelly, said: “When we first started working on this show, I could never have imagined that I would be transformed into a holographic ‘ghost’.
“Playing a spirit gave me a new perspective on life and death, and it’s been really interesting to see how many people across

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