What is it? A PGL activity holiday.

Where? Boreatton Hall, Shropshire

Description: [lets_have_some_fun!.jpg] We sent brother & sister, Samuel & Bethany Lomax (10 & 8) off for a few activity-packed days, on a holiday made just for kids. So what happened after mum & dad were packed off home? Here’s their story, completely in their own words!

The market leader, PGL, run residential activity courses and adventure holidays in the UK and overseas. Summer camps for kids, children and teenagers as well as family activity holidays. Set up in 1955 by Peter Gordon Lawrence, PGL now operates holidays every year for over 250,000 guests from 30 centres ranging from a 240 acre site in Shropshire to a chateau in Paris.

Various activities for different ages groups, which vary slightly by the location of the centre you choose. There are also many themed breaks, including football, mission spy, drama & surfing.

A full evening entertainment programme of games, challenges & quizes.

Local activities:

Wish we had known:

Our top tip:

Kids say: All you parents must send your kids to PGL. (Bethany, aged 8)

Getting There: A 3 night break at Boreatton Hall in Shropshire for one child aged 7-10 starts at L144. For themed holidays, special offers & different locations, see the website www.pgl.co.uk

About our stay: Postcard from Bethany at PGL: Dear entertain the kids, My brother Samuel (age 10) and I are at Boreatton Hall PGL in Shropshire and we are having the best time ever. We are here for 3 nights and are doing loads of different activities which are great fun so you must let your kids come, they’ll have a fantastic time. From Bethany (age 8) Report by Samuel: My sister Bethany, age 8 and I (Sam, age 10) went to Boreatton Hall in Shropshire for a 3 night mini activity break with PGL. It was the first time we had done anything like that before but everyone said it would be fun – we didn’t realise how much fun though! [coat_of_arms.jpg] PGL – Parentess get lostus – We thought this was just something made up but there it was over the mantlepiece on the PGL shield. Our parents wanted to stay and do all the activities too but we said they had to go, so off they went and we had the best time ever and didn’t miss them at all! The first day we played lots of games to help us to get to know each other. We didn’t arrive at PGL until teatime so by the time we had had tea and sorted our dormitories out there wasn’t a lot of time. We were put into groups of about 12 and we did everything together even sleep – boys and girls separately though! Next morning after breakfast – the food was good by the way. It was like a buffet with lots of choice so that was ok.– you just went and helped yourself to what you wanted. There was also a tuck shop where we could spend our pocket money. It was big and sold lots of stuff as well as crisps, drinks and sweets. [sam_rifle_shooting.jpg] Our first activities were indoor climbing and puzzle park. We all had a turn on the climbing wall then went to the puzzle park. The climbing was good fun. I have done climbing before but that didn’t matter I still enjoyed it. In the puzzle park we had to work in teams to do challenges with balance beams and ropes. After lunch we did Air Rifle shooting which was brill. I managed to hit my target lots of times and I even helped Bethany out by hitting her target. We had great fun in the evening with the Great Egg Race. We had lots of challenges and races and then we had to make a device using a paper cup, 3 paper towels, a bin bag, a balloon and 2 bits of string to stop the egg breaking when dropped from a great height. Some of the eggs broke but we managed to make a big parachute and our group’s egg survived. Raft building the next day was great fun. We were given some plastic barrels, some wooden poles and rope. We had to make, and sail a raft. We got a bit wet but it was good fun and we soon had a shower and got warm. Later we had a go on a trapeze, we all wore harnesses and had to climb a pole and grab the trapeze, it was very hard. We also went on the low ropes, these were wire ropes, moving beams and wooden planks. It was a bit scary and we all had to help each other. The leaders taught us some songs to sing between the activities, they were repeat after me songs led by the leader. Some of them were really fun and it stopped us getting bored between activities. We played Cluedo after tea – not with a board, there had been a murder and we had to go around the house and grounds and do forfeits to get clues. It was good fun, we discovered who had done it and what with but we needed 2 more clues to discover where it had happened. The last morning we did Archery with bow and arrows. After lunch mum and dad had come to collect us and take us home. We said goodbye to our friends and collected our stuff. We had had a brilliant time and didn’t really want to go home. I think mum and dad were a bit disappointed that we hadn’t missed them. [Samuel & Bethany Lomax live in Halifax, West Yorkshire with their mum & dad]

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