A whopping 96% of Parents have admitted to stashing their valuables in secret spots at home either to hide presents, prevent kids getting their hands on them and losing them or to protect from theft.

The combination of cost and sentimental value makes jewellery, including gifts from loved ones, some of the most hidden-away valuables. When it comes to jewellery, the top  treasured items include:

  • Rings: 45%
  • Necklaces: 43%
  • Earrings: 40%
  • Bracelets: 40%
  • Watches: 39%

When it comes to our secret spots of choice, UK parents are hiding their valuables in a range of locations within the house, with the most common hiding place being the back of a drawer – three in ten (28%) stating this as their go-to hideaway. The wardrobe is another trusted space to keep jewellery safe as it is popular with one in four Brits and especially amongst women (32%). The use of a safe was the preferred option for over one in ten (12%).

In addition, interestingly, jackets (10%) and bags (6%) are often selected, even when they are not in use and are inconspicuously sitting around the house, hiding their items in plain sight.

Slightly more left-field choices to stash our belongings included one in twenty (4%) hiding jewellery in a sock. Other responses included hidings items under mattresses and floorboards, whilst others have purchased fake baked beans tins, designed specifically for containing treasures.

The research from home insurer Together Mutual Insurance also reveals a quarter of parents (24%) have lost jewellery, with a further 13% suffering from theft of their most prized possessions. It is often the fault of our partners too, with over one in five (22%) UK residents blaming their other half for misplacing valuables, perhaps down to the kids playing dress-up and having fun. 

Jon Craven, CEO at Together Mutual Insurance, said, “It is good to see Brits taking steps to keep their valuables safe and well-hidden. Unfortunately, some losses and thefts will still occur and while nobody can replace invaluable sentimental gifts, ensuring you have the right home insurance will mean you can be financially compensated in case of loss, theft or accidental damage.”

*Research carried out by Censuswide in February 2017

About Together Mutual Insurance 

Together Mutual Insurance is owned by its policyholders, so we always put our customers first. We’re part of a company which has been looking after people’s homes for over 125 years. During this time we’ve seen a lot of things and learned a lot about what homeowners and tenants need from their home insurance company. Our UK-only team is committed to providing quality cover, exceptional service and competitive premiums.  

We specialise in Home Insurance – we believe in doing one thing and doing it well. 

We offer Buildings Insurance which covers the physical structure of your home; Contents Insurance to cover personal possessions within your home – we can also extend your policy to include personal possessions you wish to take out of your home, e.g. cameras, jewellery, phones and tablets. And if you want to cover both your Home – the building and everything within it – we offer Combined Buildings and Contents Insurance.  

In December 2016, 94% of customers surveyed said they would recommend us.

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