Dennis Menace is finally going to get his first mobile phone in a new comic strip highlighting the dangers of the internet.
After gleefully receiving his new device from a phone store, he is shown getting up to the kind of shenanigans and mischief Beano readers have come to expect.
Prank calls, uploading a video of his cousin Minnie the Minx without her consent and downloading age inappropriate apps are among his antics.
But it emerges he may not be clued up on the online dangers he could face.
The special edition of the comic – a collaboration between the Beano and EE – has been launched after a poll of 1,000 parents with children aged eight to 16 found six in 10 fear their kids don’t know how to protect themselves from online dangers.
Sharing their location with strangers, being cyber-bullied and inadvertently sharing personal details that could lead to fraud are all things parents think their children might do without realising the consequences.
And while 46 per cent of mums and dads try to educate their offspring as much as possible, a quarter are either unsure or definitely don’t know enough about online safety either.
Just 35 per cent of parents check their child’s phone on a weekly basis to ensure they are being safe online.
While 57 per cent admitted they avoid looking at their child’s social media profiles because they’re worried about what they’re getting up to.
The ‘Smartphone Licence’
On top of this, 38 per cent of parents whose children have a phone think their child knows more about using the tech than they do.
Parental controls (46 per cent), two-factor authentication (37 per cent) and antivirus software (28 per cent) are all security measures some parents are putting in place to try and protect their children online.
Parents believe 32 per cent of their child’s

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