A poll of 2,000 adults found they spend an estimated three hours a day deciding what to have to eat, what time to go to bed and what to wear and watch.
But the average adult admits to changing their mind twice per decision, with more than one in 10 (11 per cent) doing so five or more times.
Deciding what TV show or film to watch were found to be the most difficult decisions to make (37 per cent), followed closely by what to have to eat (37 per cent), what to wear (29 per cent) and whether to buy something new (27 per cent).
And 68 per cent find it hard to make or stick to a decision, with 36 per cent turning to their spouse to help them out, while 30 per cent turn to their parents, and 24 per cent rely on friends for support.
Andreas Michaelides, Ph.D., chief of psychology at Noom, which commissioned the research, said: “Decisions can be hard to make, and even once we’ve made them, sometimes they can be hard to follow through on.
“It takes a variety of factors like motivation, support, and proximity to existing habits to help build new, unconscious habits.
“But once you’ve established something as an ordinary habit, it becomes much easier to maintain.”
Chopping and changing
The study also found 63 per cent think some decisions are easier to stick to than others, with 66 per cent admitting they change their mind about whether or not to exercise at least once a day.
And 38 per cent claimed they spend more time deciding what to eat than where to go on holiday.
Three quarters (76 per cent) will chop and change what they are going to have for lunch or dinner and 80 per cent will struggle to settle on what to watch on TV.

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