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The shelf-life of a hobby is just 16 months, a study found.

Researchers who polled 2,000 UK adults identified work commitments, busy family life and lack of motivation as the reasons we don’t stick with interests for longer.

Further to this, a quarter have a tendency to splash out hundreds of pounds on hobbies such as cycling and learning musical instruments only to give them up them soon after.

In fact, 25 per cent have also given a hobby the heave-ho having NEVER used any of the items or accessories they purchased especially for it.

The study was commissioned by the British Heart Foundation (BHF), which has a series of charity bike rides planned for 2019.

It found the study we’ll spend an average of £306.64 on cycling during our adult years.

A spokesperson for BHF said: “Modern life is incredibly busy and sadly fun things like our hobbies are one of the first things to be dropped when we’re pushed for time.

“People took their hobbies up for a reason, whether to de-stress or socialise more, so it’s important we make time to rekindle our passion for our hobbies or try new ones.

“Having a goal to work towards, like signing up to one of the British Heart Foundation’s bike rides, is the perfect way to give people the motivation they need to keep up their hobbies.

“And they can take part safe in the knowledge they’re helping to raise money for the charity’s life saving research at the same time whilst doing something they enjoy.”

The research also found the average Brit currently has three hobbies on the go.

And in total we dedicate a total of 245 hours a year to our hobbies – that’s more than 10 days over a 12-month period.

Having some form of escape, to keep their mind sharp and to alleviate boredom are among the most common reasons for taking up a hobby.

Further to this, seven in 10 adults agree it’s ‘really important’ to have hobbies – and one of the most popular ones in the UK is cycling – with four in 10 Brits owning a bike.

But three quarters don’t ride it anywhere near as much as they would like to.

In fact, the BHF research carried out through OnePoll found the typical UK adult hasn’t ridden a bike in almost SEVEN years.

A fifth revealed they don’t cycle more frequently because they believe they aren’t fit enough – and one in 10 said they don’t have a reason to cycle or goal to aim towards.

Other obstacles to getting out on their bikes include being too busy and not having anyone to cycle with.

A spokesperson for the BHF added: “As the old adage goes, you never forget how to ride a bike.

“We’re encouraging all those lapsed cyclists and people who said they’d like to ride more to dust off their bikes and sign up to one of the British Heart Foundation’s bike rides.

“By getting involved you’ll be helping to fund lifesaving research for the seven million people in the UK living with heart and circulatory diseases.

“In varying distances and regions; there’s a ride to suit everyone.”

To inspire you to take part in one of BHF’s bike rides take this quiz to find out how fit you are – click here []

And to find out more about the BHF’s charity bike rides click here [ ]


DIY – £797.82
Gardening – £739.88
Reading – £658.94
Cooking – £627.59
Gym – £439.51
Football (watching and playing) – £427.14
Crafts – £353.55
Video gaming – £332.16
Golf – £319.04
Cycling – £306.64
Playing an instrument – £261.09
Sewing – £246.93
Skiing/snowboarding – £242.28
Knitting – £242.12
Fishing – £176.40
Rugby (watching and playing) – £175.04
Running – £145.06
Painting – £142.63
Swimming – £190.58
Tennis – £156.16
Badminton – £137.13
Yoga – £132.69
Boardgaming – £118.11
Walking – £201.09


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