The top hacks to beat snoring include using extra pillows, drinking water before bed – and putting a tennis ball in your pyjamas to stop you lying on your back.
A study of 2,000 adults found 56 per cent either snore or have a partner who does, with 54 per cent of those resorting to a host of tricks to try and silence the noise.
Nasal strips, dilators or spray, a hot shower before bed and even sleeping sitting up also featured in the top 30 list.
But while some avoid alcohol before bed (nine per cent) or even at all (eight per cent), one in twenty (five per cent) swear by a tipple before nodding off to stop snoring.
Others have resorted to taping their mouth, putting a peg on their nose or sleeping with their head at the end of the bed.
The study also found 44 per cent of those who snore or live with a snorer are so fed up with the noise, they would do anything do stop it.
This sees them spend an average of £33.20 a year trying to silence it, but they would be willing to spend up to £288 if it meant it would stop for good.

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