• Dreamland Margate is delighted to announce its new ride to the amusement park, the Waltzer.
  • The Waltzer is a 10-car ride from the late 1960s.
  • Guests will be able to enjoy the ride at this year’s Christmas event, The Frosted Fairground at weekends and holidays from Saturday 3rd December.
  • Guests will have unlimited access to the Waltzer and all other rides and attractions when they purchase a cheaper-than-ever, off-peak wristband. Dreamland Margate Wristbands
  • The (10 cars) Austin Car Ride also returns to Dreamland, after a brief stint in its first summer season.
  • For more info about the Waltzer and Austin Car Ride, visit Dreamland Margate Rides

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The UK’s original pleasure park, Dreamland Margate is delighted to announce and welcome its newest addition to the ride line-up. Amusement park favourite, the Waltzer arrives in time for Dreamland’s Christmas event, The Frosted Fairground, this Saturday 3rd December. The Waltzer consists of 10 cars, holding up to 40 people at maximum capacity, ensuring that it’s definitely a ride for fun, thrills and good times.

With the Waltzer originally being one of the main and iconic attractions in a traditional amusement park for the past 100 years, it will fit perfectly amongst the other beautifully restored vintage rides found at Dreamland. It operates similarly to the Gallopers with the cars of the ride spin freely while rotating around a central point. As the cars revolve, the floor of the ride undulates over a track so that the cars rise and fall gently as the ride spins.

The Waltzer guarantees thrills and spills that will delight many with its centrifugal force pressing them against their seat and spinning them into a frenzy alongside an upbeat soundtrack. With the cars rotating enough to get those stomachs turning, the Waltzer is certainly a ride that guests will scream to go faster! After Christmas, the Waltzer will be repainted to compliment the heritage style of the rest of the beautifully restored ride collection within the amusement park.


Alongside the Waltzer, the 10 cars Austin Car Ride will be speeding its way back to Dreamland just in time for Christmas. The ride first made its appearance back in Summer 2015 and delighted thousands of little ones until the end of the season in September. Designed for those under 1.2 metres and built in the 1950s by ex-servicemen, the Austin Cars were made as pedal cars. With the help of Littleboy’s Vintage Restorations, the ride had undergone a total restoration. The cars are originals, with the track and upper decoration being reused as a hugely decorative piece of equipment.

The Waltzer and Austin Cars Ride will add to all the festive fun of the fair this Christmas at The Frosted Fairground. On weekends and holidays from 3rd December until 2nd January 2017, guests will be able to have unlimited access to the Waltzer and all the other favourite rides when they purchase a cheaper-than-ever off peak wristband. Additionally, guests can enjoy a number of free activities across the park and even help the elves prepare for Christmas and meet the big man himself, Father Christmas in his Grotto from £9.95 per child, £8.95 for Members.

Dreamland Membership provides unlimited access to the rides and the attractions within the amusement park, throughout the year, making it the perfect gift for that someone special, this Christmas. Give the gift that keeps on giving and make someone a Member today! For more info and terms and conditions, visit Dreamland Margate Membership


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