GMC have started 2017 with a lovely selection of books in their March 2017 newsletter. Take a peek at what is in store below and we look forward to reviewing some of these books and will feature the reviews shortly.

The March 2017 newsletter has some great board books, a great classic fiction title and a couple of very funny joke books.

The Polar Pack, The Jungle Crew & The Safari Set

By Madeleine Rogers

Button Books is thrilled to announce the launch of three new board books in the Mibo series.

Aimed at children aged 0 to 3 years old, these books feature five animals from three different environments and all are explored through rhyme and pictures. With two spreads dedicated to each animal, adults will be able to read the short playful rhyme on each spread to children and look at the bright illustrations to teach them about their habits and environment. Combining gorgeous illustration with fun, fact-filled rhyme The Polar Pack, The Safari Set and The Jungle Crew are wonderful new additions to the Mibo series and the perfect way to expose little ones to animals and the natural world. The Jungle Crew features; a monkey, a tiger, a tree frog, a parrot and a toucan, The Safari Set features; a hippo, a giraffe, an elephant, a lion and a zebra and then The Polar Pack features; a penguin, a polar bear, a snowy owl, a walrus and a reindeer. Each book comes with a fact page about the animals which is unique to these board book editions.

Vibrant and modern, these board books will make wonderful gifts for tiny tots and thanks to their durable shiny pages they’ll endure all that’s thrown their way! Impeccably designed to complement the content of the books, they’re sure to entertain and educate in equal measure.

The Polar Pack : 9781908985842 : Board book : £4.99 : Button Books

The Safari Set : 9781908985828 : Board book : £4.99 : Button Books

The Jungle Crew : 9781908985835 : Board book : £4.99 : Button Books

The Little Mermaid and Other Fairy Tales

By Hans Christian Andersen

This book collects 17 of Andersen’s incomparable stories, among them ‘The Little Mermaid‘, ‘The Princess and the Pea‘, ‘The Red Shoes‘, ‘The Wild Swans‘ and his fantasy masterpiece, ‘The Snow Queen‘. The book is illustrated in full colour by W. Heath Robinson. This volume is presented in exquisitely designed foil-stamped binding, with distinctive gilt edging and an attractive silk-ribbon bookmark.

The Little Mermaid and Other Fairy Tails : 9781435163683 Hardback £18 Barnes & Noble

(currently on offer at Amazon for £13.48)

*price correct at the time the article went live

Picky Eaters

By Ellen Jackson, illustrated by Amy-Clare Barden

Did you know that koalas only eat eucalyptus? That arctic foxes dine on lemmings? Like children, animals can be very fussy about food! This rhyming board book, with engaging lift-the-flaps, introduces toddlers to ten choosy creatures and their minimal diets. After meeting each animal, kids lift the flap to see what it likes – and discover why it’s good to eat adventurously!

Picky Eaters : 9781454919018 : Board book : £5.99 : Sterling

Psst! I Love You

By Marjorie Blain Parker, illustrated by Sydney Hanson

This sweet addition to our successful Snuggle Time Stories series celebrates the love between parents and children of every species. In lilting rhyme, the book introduces toddlers to an array of super-adorable animal parents and babies – including cows, horses, sheep, cats, owls, ducks, cockerels and, of course, humans.  What do they all say to each other? I LOVE YOU! This is the perfect read-aloud and goodnight story.

Psst! I Love You : 9781454917212 : Hardback : £6.99 : Sterling

Peek-a-Boo What?

By Elliot Kreloff

Peek-a-boo isn’t a baby’s favourite game by chance: after their first birthday babies begin to understand that even when something isn’t in sight, it still exists. They anticipate that it will reappear – and when it does, they laugh in delight. This charming lift-the-flap book with see-through die cuts encourages littles ones to play the game. With its simple rhyming text and pictures of familiar objects and animals, Peek-a-Book What? helps solidify object permanence.

Peek-A-Boo What? : 9781454920861 :  Board book : £6.99 : Sterling

Love is Patient, Love is Kind

By Naoko Stoop

Featuring the same little girl from ‘All Creatures Great and Small’, Naoko Stoop’s charming companion volume contains the text from the Bible. Though often used at weddings, this verse also creates the perfect child-focused story about friendship, generosity, and the permanence of love. Self-taught artist Stoop paints on wood planks purchased specifically for their unique character, so no canvas is ever the same!

Love is Patient, Love is Kind : 9781454917670 : Board book : £5.99 : Sterling

(Currently on offer at Amazon for £5.66)

*price correct at the time the article went live

This or That?

By Brandon T. Snider

Ask these questions, and expect an avalanche of laughter. Would you rather brush your teeth with rotten milk OR bath in salad dressing? Would you rather drink a gallon of bin juice OR eat a tennis ball-sized clump of dog hair? Packed with age-appropriate, off-the-wall queries, this book is perfect for a slumber party or play date.

This or That? : 9781454921028 : Paperback : £7.99 : Sterling

Joke & Riddle Jackpot

By Michael J. Pellowski

Where does a clam go to lift weights? Mussel Beach! Joke-loving kids will hit the jackpot with this newly designed goldmine of gags, giggles and jests. It’s filled to the brim with wacky humour and funny business. From robot dogs and their flea-mail to a farmer who watches ESP-Hen, every quip and pun is guaranteed to ignite some side-splitting laughter.

Joke & Riddle Jackpot : 9781454922285 : Paperback : £5.99 : Sterling

Wild & Wacky Pet Jokes & Riddles

By Michael J. Pellowski

These jokes, illustrated with lots of comic cartoons, are doggone funny – and we’re not kitten around! What kind of pet pooch does Dracula have? A bloodhound. What do you get if you cross a bird with a snake? A feather boa. How about this notice: Domestic cat needed to do light mousework. Every quip and pun will make you howl with laughter! This revised edition features a new design and vibrant, two-colour interiors!

Wild & Wacky Pet Jokes & Riddles : 9781454922483 : Paperback : £5.99 : Sterling

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