Entertain The Kids were invited to review the following books “How Cities Work” and “The Cities Book“. Aimed at 7-8yr+ they are a complete joy to read.

How Cities Work :

The illustrations throughout this book are simply perfect. How Cities Work is a masterpiece of imagery and narrative coming together to make learning and understanding fun. Each page takes you on a journey of discovery with pop up windows and expanding pages to complete the full picture.

The Cities Book :

The illustrations are a mix of photographs and artists impressions with a journalistic feel to them with 209 pages covering a whole host of Cities across the World, introducing culture, famous landmarks and local foods. William was disappointed that he couldn’t find “Stockport” in the book which opened a conversation about the difference between Cities and Towns, etc but Edinburgh, Dublin and London get a mention. William (age7) enjoyed flicking through The Cities Book and recognised places he has covered at school.

How Cities Work


Get ready to explore the city in a whole new way: inside, outside and underground. How Cities Work is an innovative book for young readers and is packed with city facts, loads of flaps to lift and unfolding pages to see inside buildings and under the streets.

Children aged 7+ can learn about skyscrapers, underground systems and stinky sewers. Discover where people live and peek behind closed doors to see what’s going on in houses and apartments – or why not find out what goes on beneath the streets you walk on every day.


Each page of How Cities Work is stylishly illustrated by James Gulliver Hancock, creator of the All The Buildings That I’ve Drawn So Far series and there are loads of quirky details to spot. How many giant cowboy hats can you find through the book?

Take a peek inside How Cities Work :

How Cities Work
November 2016 | £12.99 | 1st Edition
254mm x 275mm | 24 pages with integral flaps and shaped gatefolds | full colour
Hardback | ISBN: 9781786570215

The Cities Book


Do you know where in the world you can buy drinkable gold; why an ‘elephant’s foot’ is one of the most dangerous objects in the world; or where you might have to swim to school? Discover the answers to these questions and loads more mind-blowing facts in The Cities Book, where readers aged 8+ are taken on an incredible tour through 86 of the world’s greatest cities.

Covering a host of incredible cities, from Auckland, Běijīng and Copenhagen all the way through to Zanzibar Town, every page is packed with facts on city living, and gives children a taste of what it’s like to grow up in each place featured. From food and festivals, to awesome architecture and amazing history – there’s something for everyone. Find out where you might come across a poisonous boomslang; which city hosts a famous goat derby and which metropolis has such a hectic transport system, train stuffers have to help passengers aboard.

A mix of wow photography, beautiful illustrations and hand drawn maps bring each page to life – it’s time to take the trip of a lifetime…


The Cities Book
October 2016 | £14.99 | 1st Edition
305mm x 230mm | 212 pages | full colour
Hardback | ISBN: 9781786570185

About Lonely Planet Kids:

Lonely Planet Kids aims to kick-start the travel bug and open kids’ eyes and minds to the world around them. Our focus is on showcasing the quirky facts, amusing tales and inspiring stories that bring our planet to life. Through Lonely Planet Kids, we hope to share our love of travel, our sense of humour and our continual fascination with what makes the world the diverse and magnificent place it is. Join us – it’s an adventure that will never end! Find out more at Lonely Planet Kids

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