Draw It Out By Brandon T. Snider
Draw It Out By Brandon T. Snider

Kids — get creative! Packed with plenty of thought-provoking prompts, Draw It Out! helps budding artists express themselves, experiment with different styles, add color, shape, and texture to their work and, above all, have fun. The imaginative ideas range from filling an entire page with variously sized circles to creating a perfect pumpkin, a surprised armadillo, a disgusting breakfast and a dream house. 

Draw It Out

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What did Entertain The Kids think?

Draw It Out is the perfect book for the budding artist who get’s “drawer’s block“. Draw It Out will encourage your budding artist to express themselves and perhaps take them out of their comfort zone. This book would suit most age groups and if they complete the whole book, they will have a full portfolio of wacky designs and drawings.

Just randomly flicking through the book to give you a flavour of “drawing prompts” to be found :

  • The perfect pumpkin
  • Fill this page with pieces of popcorn
  • An oddly shaped chair and a regular chair
  • A melting ice cream cone
  • A pan of bacon frying
  • A monster truck
  • Fill this page with big triangles, small triangles, tiny triangles and medium triangles
  • A suspension bridge in profile
  • A pair of dice
  • A bunch of meerkats popping their heads above ground
  • Simply hundreds of drawing prompts to inspire creative expression

The book itself is inviting, I was a little disappointed when I opened the book thinking “what is the point“, that is until I let my daughter take a look. I’d never thought about “drawer’s block” but if writers can get “writer’s block” why not?

Draw It Out has the potential to keep your budding artist busy (and quiet) for hours.

Draw It Out is currently available at Amazon for £12.99

*Price correct at the time of publishing

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Draw It Out was featured on GMC’s Children’s Books Newsletter: October 2016. Follow the link to see other books from GMC Distribution.


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