If you asked any child this – there would be a unanimous “NO!”  However, from a professional teaching perspective, that answer differs.


Jo Otto, mother of two and creator of top education app answers the question all parents want to know this festive season

As a school teacher, for a short period of two weeks, direct homework is just not necessary. Granted, children should absolutely find time or be “given” time to read.  That is non-negotiable in whatever form it takes.

I am completely biased with Maths Rockx though. Homework and Maths Rockx are the same yet different.  What Maths Rockx can do for our kids in 2 short weeks – is really quite impressive.  It is not an addition; it should be intrinsically linked to their routine. When hanging out – play Maths Rockx, when dancing, dance to Maths Rockx tracks, screen time etc.


For four simple reasons:

  • Maths Rockx is screen time – whether measured or not, it is pure fun and given time on a beloved technology screen.
  • It’s FUN! So much FUN!!
  • Parents have to get involved, singing, dancing, clapping and showing enthusiasm in their child’s domain. It will form a bond with your kids too.  Children love to play with their parents – because we are always so busy, it’s precious time spent with them and they absolutely look forward to that.
  • Your children will learn their number facts!

Imagine coming back after the Christmas break, knowing all your times tables? How powerful is that for building a child’s confidence? Maths really Rockx!


Notes to Editors

  • Maths Rockx is available on iTunes and Google Play app stores
  • The app was founded in February 2014 and launched on iOS in Australia in June 2015
  • Since the launch, Maths Rockx has had in excess of 401,165 individual song downloads and has been the number one educational app in Australia, is top three in New Zealand and top 10 in the UK
  • Maths Rockx launched internationally in April 2016 with plans to expand to 29 other countries
  • Maths Rockx is available on iPhone and Android devices priced at £7.99 for 11 songs.
  • Music Production by Jordan Millar @ Oberon Lane Productions – Jordan Millar Music Website
  • Vocals by Rob Edwards – Rob Edwards Website and Elle May – Elle May Website
  • Video Production by Ross Waldron – Ross Waldron Website
  • App Development by Cloud Downunder – Cloud Down Under Website
  • Web Development by Karthik Ramia – Karthik Ramia Email
  • Jo Otto is available for interview
  • To keep up with the latest Maths Rockx news, literally dozens of 5 star reviews taken straight from the App Stores and all the App has to offer, visit Maths Rockx Website or view the video on YouTube.
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