London studio teams up with DreamWorks Animation Television to launch their latest mobile game: Noddy Toyland Detective

Independent developer Kuato Studios is delighted to announce the release of ‘Noddy Toyland Detective’ on the App Store, based upon the popular DreamWorks Animation Television series, ‘Noddy Toyland Detective’. The new television series is currently broadcasted on local networks in the UK, US, France, Spain and Portugal to a dedicated audience of millions of preschool children. 

‘Noddy Toyland Detective’ is an app designed to nurture inquisitive minds and foster literacy skills through storytelling and engaging gameplay, building upon Kuato’s expertise in developing their #1 best-selling children’s apps, Dino Tales and Safari Tales.

‘Noddy Toyland Detective’ allows children to explore Toyland, a world full of wonder, fun, and surprises that is home to every toy imaginable from trains that puff bubbles, to cheeky unicorns, and treasure seeking pirates! Children can drive around their favourite places in Toyland alongside Noddy and his friendly car, Revs, to Deltoid’s house to practice the sport of Deltoid-O, Pirate Bay to create musical tunes with playful pirates, or Fuse’s Toywash to paint and decorate Revs.

While exploring, budding detectives can help Noddy get to the bottom of the mysterious cases he encounters, helping him use a full range of skills: remembering, thinking, collecting evidence, being patient, looking for clues, listening, being brave, and making connections. Once little players have cracked the case, they can replicate the TV show by presenting their findings in the ‘Who-What-Where-Book’ and record themselves solving the mystery to share with family and loved ones.

Mark Horneff, Managing Director at Kuato Studios, said, “Our mission has always been to create games that delight kids and encourage storytelling. Working with DreamWorks has allowed us to develop a whole new set of adventures within the universe of Noddy to do just that. We hope that young investigators everywhere can use their imaginations to help solve the mysteries of Toyland and tell their stories.”

‘Noddy Toyland Detective’ is available on the App Store for supported devices today.

About Kuato Studios

Backed by Horizons Ventures and SRI International, Kuato Studios was formed in early 2012 with talent from world-renowned games studios, award-winning education experts and specialists in artificial intelligence. The studio currently has a number of educational game titles: Code Warriors, a coding game for 9-14 year olds; and Dino Tales and Safari Tales which were launched last year and focus on literacy skills for 4-10 year olds. The Tales titles have consistently reached #1 in both the Kids and Education charts on the App Store across the world.

About DreamWorks Animation Television

DreamWorks Animation Television is one of the world’s leading suppliers of high-quality, animated family programming, reaching consumers on linear and on-demand platforms in more than 130 countries and garnering 25 Emmy Awards to date.  It is a division of the Universal Filmed Entertainment Group (UFEG).

Noddy Toyland Detective © 2016 DreamWorks Distribution Limited. All Rights Reserved. 

What to Entertain The Kids think?

What’s not to like? Noddy has always been a firm favourite in our household. Our daughter, Georgina, is heading ever closer to her 16th birthday but I still remember her squeals of delight when her favourite Noddy tune popped up on the television, we danced and sang our way through the theme tune on a daily basis.

Noddy has had many changes to the look and feel and when William came along, he too fell for the familiar family favourite.

When we were asked to review “Noddy Toyland Detective” my first instinct was “isn’t this a little too young for William” (he is now pushing towards his 8th birthday) but I couldn’t resist. So I uploaded Noddy to my mobile but forgot about it.

Driving down the motorway, William playing on my mobile, suddenly I could hear the Noddy theme tune playing gently beside me. William was driving all over Toyland, finding clues, solving puzzles… William was having fun.

William tried to show me how to play the game but I was completely hopeless, I just wasn’t quick enough to navigate my way around Toyland but William was able to anticipate what would happen next, he remembered things and he said to me “you’re just too grown up to understand”.

William loves “Noddy Toyland Detective” and so do we at Entertain The Kids.

Thumbs up from us.

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