New app makes easy work of times tables with a little help from stars like Harry Styles and Pharrell Williams


Learning times tables can be an uphill struggle not only for kids but parents too. If your little rock star needs a helping hand – and you need a breather – an ingenious new app will help get them up to speed in no time. And best of all, they’ll have fun learning.


Maths Rockx, which is taking the UK by storm, enables kids to sing their times tables along to well-known tracks from artists such as One Direction, P!NK, Pharrell Williams, Lady Gaga and will-i-am.  It provides a fun, active and engaging way to learn and has already delivered impressive results for thousands of kids.

Created by former teacher and mum of two Jo Otto, after noticing how children were disinterested in learning a vital and basic skill, she has been bowled over by the response.


Jo says: ‘As a teacher I was becoming increasingly frustrated that children didn’t know their times tables. It’s such a fundamental skill and it seemed to be slipping through the cracks. Even worse they didn’t seem to enjoy this aspect of learning, so I set about finding a solution.’

‘All children respond to singing so I started teaching them their tables to funky beats and eventually started singing them to rock songs. They loved it, and were able to recite their tables and recall their table facts in a matter of weeks. As a result, Maths Rockx was launched over 10 years later to give every child the opportunity to learn from such an exciting resource.’


Jo adds: “It’s so refreshing to see children excited about doing maths for once! The feedback so far has been astounding – especially with the speed in which the children are retaining the facts. Children are able to sing, dance, clap, ‘woo-hoo’ and ‘yeah’, all while learning their Times Tables. Children are now enthusiastic to learn, which is naturally giving them their confidence back.”

The App also has a multi-levelled quiz to further consolidate the learning, plus a multiple playlist feature which allows families to choose which songs they want to play, and in which order. Families can even rock out in the car together – Maths really does ROCK! Available on iPhone and Android devices: £7.99 for 11 songs.

If your child  knows the majority of their times tables but is perhaps stuck with one or two,  there is the option to download the non-EDU version of the app for free and choose the times tables songs you need for just £0.79 per songs


  • Maths Rockx is available on iTunes and Google Play app stores
  • The app was founded in February 2014 and launched on iOS in Australia in June 2015
  • Since the launch, Maths Rockx has had in excess of 401,165 individual song downloads and has been the number one educational app in Australia, is top three in New Zealand and top 10 in the UK
  • Maths Rockx launched internationally in April 2016 with plans to expand to 29 other countries
  • Music Production by Jordan Millar @ Oberon Lane Productions – Jordan Millar Music Website
  • Vocals by Rob Edwards – Rob Edwards Website and Elle May – Elle May Website
  • Video Production by Ross Waldron – Ross Waldron
  • App Development by Cloud Downunder – Cloud Down Under Website
  • Web Development by Karthik Ramia – Ramia Email
  • To keep up with the latest Maths Rockx news, literally dozens of 5 star reviews taken straight from the App Stores and all the App has to offer, visit Maths Rockx Website or view the video on YouTube

What do Entertain The Kids think?

Here at Entertain The Kids, we were delighted to be asked to trail Maths Rockx. With previous experience as a Child Minder, I know only too well how children can struggle with their times table. I have always used objects, such as marbles, to help when encouraging the children with their Maths, etc but this can be so time consuming.

Once I uploaded the App I immediately jumped to the Times Table bit and let the App sing to me. There are 11 Times Table on this App (2-12 Times Table) together with a quiz section which gives you the opportunity to choose Beginner, Medium, Hard and Expert levels.

William, my 7yr old son, simply loves this App, he says he has seen it on the TV but I can’t confirm this because I haven’t.

William was playing with his lego whilst I was working in the other room, he kept popping back in to try another Times Table. Each Times Table goes from 1x to 12x (eg 1×9, 2×9, 3×9, 4×9…10×9, 11×9, 12×9).

I asked William if he liked Maths Rockx and it was a thumbs up from him.

Has it helped with his learning, it is too early to say but it hasn’t done him any harm.

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