What is a Kigu? This is the first thought that crossed my mind when Entertain The Kids were asked to review their merchandise. “Kigu” is a shortened version of the Japanese word “Kigurumi” which literally means “Animal Character Costume”. Known in Japan as “disguise pyjamas”.


We asked for a review sample to be chosen for us and we were delighted when a Penguin Kigu arrived. I didn’t tell anybody about it, so when it arrived, William (age7) and I disappeared so he could pop it on without spoiling the surprise.

William was very excitable and couldn’t stop laughing at his own reflection. He made a dramatic entrance, waddling like a penguin and he loved the attention he was getting.

The Penguin Kigu is extremely well made, very roomy (though I do think it was slightly too big for William) which allowed William to play and move around freely. The temperature has dropped and William keeps reaching for his Penguin Kigu to pop on over his pyjamas and even over his clothes during the day.

Kigu do state they can be worn as pyjamas, we are aware there are mixed reviews relating to this and I firmly believe that we all know our own children better than anybody else : so I would urge you to be cautious, follow best practice guidelines but most of all, follow your own instincts on this. William hasn’t worn them to bed, this is his own choice following the advice we shared 2-3yr ago (he has a very good memory).

Available to purchase direct from Kigu : Kigu Kids


What is a “KIGU”?

“Kigu” is a short form of the Japanese word “Kigurumi”, it literally means “Animal Character Costume”. Kigus are known in Japan as “disguise pajamas”. They have been there for decades being very popular and are worn on the street, mainly by teenagers.

Kigu was the first company to sell Kigurumi outside Asia. In 2009 we started with only 300 of these amazing animal costumes in the UK and brought the so called “animal jumpsuit” wave to life with a loud bang!

Today Kigu partners with the oldest and most respected Kigurumi manufacturers Japan has to offer. Together we provice you with our impressively huge selection of Kigus.

What makes Kigus unique is their form. They hang loosely on the body, so they are incredibly comfortable and don’t restrict movement. You can take off a Kigu in seconds, even if you wear your own clothes under it! Every animal style of Kigu has been lovingly crafted with typical faces, skins, tails and other details. The kangaroo Kigu is delivered for example with a baby kangaroo in the pouch.

We bring constant new designs to market and we will only rest when we can offer each, living animal on this planet in Kigu form! If you can think of an animal that would make a fabulous Kigu please let us know.


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