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I can honestly say that I didn’t even know LaplandUK existed until I received the email inviting us to write a review for Entertain the Kids.  Is it a well kept secret?  Not anymore.  Already, a number of my friends have booked their own visit to LaplandUK as a result of my visit.

From the point of booking the experience, everything felt “special“.  William (age 6) watched the Father Christmas video (the video can be seen here) on the LaplandUK website several times over, making sure he covered every requirement to be invited to help Father Christmas make toys for Christmas Eve.

A few weeks before our visit, we received the tickets in the post, together with a special invitation for our children which magically landed on our doormat whilst William was in the shower.

MAGICAL” is the only way to describe how he felt as he opened his letter and excitedly read and digested each and every word.

We also have a special, personalised card for the children to put amongst their presents from Father Christmas.

Our journey

We decided to book ourselves into a Premier Inn the night before.  Knowing the LaplandUK experience is 3-4hours, we booked an early slot allowing us time to make the 3-4hour journey home so we could get the kids to bed ready for school the next morning.  Our hotel was just 10mins away so enabled us to have a lovely, relaxing evening so we were refreshed and raring to go for our experience.


LaplandUK Enchanted Woods  LaplandUK Enchanted Woods  LaplandUK Elf House

WOW. From the moment we arrived, the magic began.  Guided to your parking space by “jolly” car park attendants on the outskirts of the “Enchanted Woods“.  Weaving our way through “The Enchanted Woods” you could hear the excited chatter from families (yes, the grown ups were excited too).

LaplandUK We've arrived    LaplandUK Check-In    LaplandUK : William singing Elf Songs

On arrival at check-in, it was immediately obvious that this was a “well oiled operation“.  ALL the staff were obviously very passionate about the service that they provide.  Check-in was very smooth and the children were the obvious focus and received their very own passport which detailed their time to see Father Christmas (3hours into our experience).

We then exchanged our stirling money into Elf Jingles so we could buy things in the toy & sweet shop in the Elf Village.

LaplandUK departure time

The Elves entertained the “little folk” during the waiting time before your experience begins.  Happily chatting with the children, answering their questions and keeping the mystery and magic alive for all.

LaplandUK : Elf talking to William LaplandUK : Elf Special Welcome LaplandUK : family entertainment

Here you can see one of the elves chatting with William and teaching him the special “elf welcome”.

Our experience begins

Passports in hand, we were guided to an area with seats where we were treated to an enchanting theatrical show telling us about Elf Life and pulling us all into “their World”.  Completely captivating and I defy anybody not to enjoy and smile.

LaplandUK : Elf Passport LaplandUK : Elf Theatrical Show LaplandUK : Elf Theatrical Show

We then continue our journey through the snow covered pine forest, passing many Elf Houses until we arrive at the Toy Factory.

LaplandUK : Snow covered pine forest   LaplandUK : William looks happy

At the Toy Factory, we are again treated to a fantastic Theatrical show before the “little folk” help Father Christmas by making a couple of toys ready for Christmas Eve.

LaplandUK : Toy Factory LaplandUK : The Toy Factory  LaplandUK : The Toy Factory

Our next port of call was Mother Christmas’ House.  Again, our journey took us through snow covered pine forest with Elf houses.  Our guide told us whose house we were at and we even had a “cheeky knock” on a few doors but the Elves were all hard at work.

LaplandUK : Mother Christmas LaplandUK : Mother Christmas LaplandUK : Mother Christmas

At Mother Christmas’ House, the “little folk” sat down whilst we were treated to another Theatrical Story before decorating their own Gingerbread House.  Then they were treated to a story by none other than Mother Christmas herself.

LaplandUK : Mother Christmas    LaplandUK : Mother Christmas

LaplandUK : William at Mother Christmas LaplandUK : William at Mother Christmas LaplandUK : William at Mother Christmas

The Elf Village

We journeyed through more snow covered pine forest as we left Mother Christmas’ House on our journey to the Elf Village to get ready for our private moment with Father Christmas.

LaplandUK : Ice Skating        LaplandUK : Ice Skating

LaplandUK : William Ice Skating LaplandUK : Ice Skating

You have approximately 90minutes to explore the Elf Village which includes Ice Skating, Toy & Sweet shops, a restaurant & snack stall… far too much to mention.

LaplandUK : The Elf Village  LaplandUK : The Elf Village  LaplandUK : The Elf Village

Nothing was too much trouble for the Elves and the Rangers in the Elf Village.  Always somebody available to entertain “the little folk”.

Father Christmas visit

LaplandUK : Father Christmas LaplandUK : Father Christmas LaplandUK : Father Christmas

“Posh Santa” is how William described Father Christmas.  Quietly spoken, soft and gentle and very, VERY believable.  Completely interacted with the children as William’s big-sister, Georgina, kept the excitement alive for William.

The experience didn’t end here.  Again, through snow covered pine forest we came across Father Christmas’ Reindeer feeding themselves up ready for Christmas Eve and the sleigh ready to carry all the wonderful presents William and the other “little folk” helped to make.

LaplandUK : The Reindeer LaplandUK : The Reindeer LaplandUK : The Sleigh

Our experience ended as we entered the final shop where you can view and buy your photographs (from your Father Christmas visit) and buy clothes for the toy you received from Father Christmas.

Back out to the well sign-posted “enchanted woods” as you find your way back to your car.

Would I recommend this experience to my friends? Of course I would.  This was a truly magical experience : an experience that made me “BELIEVE”.

To read all about the LaplandUK experience and to book : visit the LaplandUK Website or take a look at the information published by Entertain the Kids here

photographs copyright Entertain the 2015/2016

Prepared by : Sharon Steed
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