Castlemil is a new brand of infant nutrition products.

Castlemil’s range of baby cereals are available online on Castlemil Shop and are stocked in all Iceland Food Warehouse stores.

The cereals RRP at £2 each and are available in a variety of tastes and textures for every stage of weaning.


Flavours include Creamy Banana Porridge (125g), Creamy Oat Porridge (125g), Creamy Blueberry Porridge (120g) and Pure Baby Rice (100g) and feature pictures of jolly zoo animals.

All are low in salt with no added sugar, artificial colours, flavours or preservatives. The Creamy Banana Porridge and Pure Baby Rice are also gluten free.

The three porridges are made with whole milk which, as well as having naturally high levels of calcium, is packed with essential fatty acids which are a vital nutrient for your baby.

The team of research scientists, microbiologists, engineers and technicians behind Castlemil have over 50 years of experience in infant nutrition. They have combined science and expertise to ensure Castlemil delivers the very best in early life nutrition.

A spokesperson for Castlemil said: “We are delighted to have launched our range of infant cereals.”

Each tasty bowl of Castlemil baby cereal contains the perfect balance of vitamins and minerals to help your baby thrive.”

The highest level of care goes into the manufacture of our products so our customers can get on with being parents and making the most of their little one’s early years.”

Castlemil Website and Social Media

Castlemil Website

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What do Entertain the Kids think?

We were happy when we were asked to review the Blueberry Porridge. My youngest is now 7yr so we asked a couple of new mums to test and compare the porridge to their usual brand.

The porridge mixed well and was polished off by all our baby testers. A couple of mums added a few fresh blueberries which added a delightful dimension and colour for their older siblings, we even spotted a couple of mums enjoying a few spoonfuls for themselves.

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