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Laughing at ourselves, the fact EVERYONE speaks our language, and apologising even when it’s not our fault, are among the top 50 things we love about being British, according to research.

A belief we are the best at in the world at queueing, while our proud obsession with talking about the weather and our love of an underdog also underpins our national identity.

Knowledge that a cup of tea solves every problem is also something we cherish, as is our love of a good moan, about anything and everything.

Also among the top 50 list were being overly polite, having the best regional accents and the fact we get excited about Christmas – even in July.

A spokesperson for Luxury Furniture Auctioneers, which commissioned the research to mark their auction in London on July 18, said: “This survey shows us that our stereotypes are what we love about being British.

“We apologise too much, tea is the cure of all ailments and chatting about the weather are what make us a proud nation.

“It’s fair to say that we live in a ‘great’ Britain and love of the country we call home.’’

Enjoying a bargain is also something we love about being British – women more than men – while others are proud of our invention of cricket, rugby and football, even though we’re not particularly good at the latter.

Taking pleasure in someone else’s misfortune also made the list as did our embarrassing lack of knowledge of foreign languages – including simply trying to use the accent to cover it up.

Leaving things until the last minute and looking uncomfortable on the dancefloor were trumped by our silly, serious choices – such as a large percentage of the nation wanting to call a polar research vessel Boaty McBoatface.

Additional traits we are proud of include being great at getting drunk at weddings, gossiping with the neighbours and getting out the shorts and flip flops for sunny weather despite chilly climates.

Overall nine out of ten adults are proud to call themselves Brits with over a quarter admitting to a love of afternoon tea, according to the study of 1,000 Brits.

And more than 90 per cent of the nation love living in Britain with the typical Brit taking one or two holidays a year in their home country.

As a nation of tea drinkers, the survey also revealed that drinkers of the British beverage agree it should be served strong, with a dash of milk and no sugar.

Women are more likely to celebrate Great British events despite men admitting to being more patriotic than women.

And Prince Harry and Queen Elizabeth II were named the nation’s favourite Royals, despite only 17 per cent of respondents agreeing that our obsession with the Royal family is what it truly means to be British.

The survey also revealed the preferred way to say scone rhymes with gone and our favoured British accents are the sounds of the North, with Geordie, Yorkshire and Scottish taking the top of the poll.

Luxury Furniture Auctioneers will be auctioning classic British designer furniture and ex showroom pieces from its collection at the Furniture Makers Hall in Austin Friars, London between 18-21st July.

Over 3,000 ex showroom pieces are set to be included.

Auctioneer Simon Rose said “There’ll be something to catch the eye of everyone looking to take home a truly British brand with an unquestioned pedigree.’’

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50 things we love about being British:

  1. We love talking about the weather
  2. The ability to laugh at ourselves
  3. The fact everyone speaks our language
  4. Because we are the best in the world at being sarcastic
  5. We know tea solves every problem
  6. We apologise for everything even when it’s not our fault
  7. We are all proud of where we live
  8. Love an underdog
  9. Our love of afternoon tea
  10. We are simply the best in the world at queuing
  11. A love of bargains
  12. We love to complain about everything
  13. Our world famous stiff upper lip
  14. We invented cricket, rugby and football
  15. Proud of our comedy heritage
  16. Love of rambling through the countryside
  17. Every county/city has its own culture
  18. We’re overly polite
  19. We work hard and play hard
  20. We have the best accents
  21. A love of TV soaps
  22. We are totally happy to barbeque in the rain
  23. Our obsession with the Royal Family
  24. We are great achievers despite the odds
  25. We enjoy other people’s misfortunes – and even laugh when someone falls over
  26. We love an election/vote – but are never happy with the outcome
  27. A TV show about baking cakes took over our lives
  28. We always take the mickey out of others
  29. We voted in favour of calling a brand new polar research vessel Boaty McBoatface
  30. We get excited about Christmas – in July
  31. We make decisions whatever the consequences
  32. We can laugh about our football team, but we did win the World Cup once
  33. It’s definitely acceptable to have a drink before midday
  34. We obsess over holidays
  35. We have to gossip with neighbours over the garden fence
  36. We’re obsessed with the traffic wherever we go
  37. We don’t care how pale we are on holiday
  38. When we’re abroad, if we can’t speak the language we speak English – but with a foreign accent
  39. We have an obsession with class
  40. We pride ourselves on our modesty
  41. Our obsession with homes being neat and tidy
  42. We generally look uncomfortable on the dance-floor
  43. We are comfortable leaving most things until the last minute
  44. We love dressing up for the beach because the sun’s out – even when it’s not that hot
  45. We are great at getting drunk at weddings
  46. We insist on tomato sauce on everything
  47. We just have to know what our neighbours are up to, all the time
  48. If foreign citizens don’t understand what we say, we shout at them – in English
  49. We love a good celeb romance
  50. We produce the best music in the world


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