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Getting a sound nights’ sleep this October!

As the UK summertime officially ends and the clocks have gone back this month (26 October 2015 02:00) which meant an extra hour in bed on Sunday morning for some…but for many parents of young children it can be a bit of a challenge.

It feels particularly difficult if you’ve got an early waker and have worked very hard to get baby sleeping through the night!

While any disruption caused will be temporary, Shea Mooti the multi-award winning skincare range for babies (and parents) is giving mum and dad a helping hand with its Baby Snooze Room set. Plus as an added bonus, the brand’s founder, mum-of-three Violet Reid, has six top tips for encouraging a sound night of sleep for baby.

Shea Mooti Baby’s Snooze Room Set – £15.99

Make sure your baby is warm and contented and once ready for sleep go into the nursery and simply add 2-3 Baby’s Snooze Room Drops onto the dried flowers in the Baby’s Snooze Room Bag.  Close the bag and gently shake the aromatic blend of sleepy time flower and herbal oils before hanging on a wall or door hook in baby’s room.  Let the aroma of lavender and other essential oils sooth your baby to sleep.

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Shea Mooti Better Sleep for Babies

Violet’s Six Top Tips

Start to put your baby to bed 10-15 minutes later than usual, increasing by a little each day until they are going to sleep at least half an hour later than their normal bed time. But do stick to your normal routine of bath, book and bed so that baby welcomes sleep as an anticipated and expected part of the day. Gently massaging baby with a moisturising oil, singing a soft lullaby or listening to calming music can also help to encourage relaxation and slumber.

Don’t worry if they still wake at the same time in the morning at first; it often takes a few days for a new sleep pattern to establish itself.

Keeping to the same napping frequency but not necessarily the same times can also help i.e. if your child usually wakes at 7am and naps at 10am and 2pm, put them down again around 3 hours after having woken up in the morning and after waking from the naps.

The clocks go back in the early hours of Sunday morning. On the day before, allow your baby to have an energetic day, which includes lots of fresh air and exercise.

On the whole, winter time is good for babies’ sleep. The difference in light levels between day and night encourages the production of sleep hormones and offers clear visual sleep clues. Being outside during the day, even when it’s cold, is beneficial for babies’ sleep, so do get outside and enjoy the beautiful Autumn colours.  And as the nights draw in, it is a lovely time for you and your baby to snuggle up and get cosy.

What do we at Entertain the Kids think of Shea Mooti’s Baby Snooze Room Set?

Quite simply “we loved it“.  As a mum who has developed a bad habit of “lack of sleep” following children I thought I would give this product a go myself.  The product is delightfully packaged and would therefore make a perfect gift.  A little drawstring bag filled with dried flowers and a small bottle of essential oil (Lavender, Rosemary, Chamomile, Citrus, Eucalyptus & Sweet Almond Oil).  The instructions are also conveniently written on the outside lable of the essential oil bottle.

I have tried lots of different things to help me sleep so I sprinkled the Shea Mooti’s Baby Snooze Oil on the bag of dried flowers but I also added a drop or two to my pillow (not advisable for children and babies).

Amazingly, I had one of the best nights sleep in a long time.  I didn’t sleep for long but the quality of my sleep was much improved.

Be warned though, I got a tad carried away 2 nights ago and added drops to my PJs, quilt, pillow and the bag of flowers and I became very, VERY heady.

I haven’t tried the product on babies yet but my 6yr old son said it smelled lovely as we cuddled up in my bed amidst the scent of Shea Mooti’s Baby Snooze Oil.

Prepared by : Sharon Steed
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