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Imagine my delight when I walk into the offices of Entertain the Kids, after a couple of days holiday, to find a package with my name on it.  Inside I find the green Squid Ink Soap dispenser.

My first impression : “I absolutely love the product.  It looks and feels amazing and smells just gorgeous.

Keen to have the approval of my 6yr old son, William, we brought him to the office at the end of school. William spotted “Squiddy” (named by William) sat on my desk and he squealed with delight.  He begged to go and wash his hands and loved playing with the squid.  William became “Squiddy Face” and he found various uses for “Squiddy” who was pulled, prodded, thrown and stood up to William’s rigorous testing techniques haha.  William read the instructions on the bottle and said “I have just washed my hand with squid ink”.

Squid Soap is revolutionising your bathroom

Can you imagine your children wanting to keep their hands clean all the time? Even being excited to spend time washing them? It is possible! Squid Soap, is an innovative, gentle children’s soap, which teaches your child to wash their hands properly, in a fun and exciting way. Simply by pushing down on the fun dispenser, a washable stamp is stamped on their hand, using the creamy lather children can wash the stamp off, and their hands are clean, the bright fun bottle appeals to all ages, and it even comes with a collectable squid bath toy. With 4 fun colours to collect, orange, green, yellow and purple, children will love to collect them all.

Squid Ink Soap : Green   Squid Ink Soap : Orange

Clean hands are essential for hygiene, and Squid Soap will teach your teach your children a lifetime of correct, healthy hand-washing skills. The fun of bright bath toys, and the magic of seeing the different colour stamps disappear from their hands is a fantastic treat for small people; and parents will love the fact that their little ones are washing their hands properly, without supervision. As with all children’s products, safety is paramount, and, as fun as Squid Soap is for your children, you can be safe in the knowledge that the gentle soap is kind to their skin, and even the washable stamp is gentle and completely removable.

Correct routines mean happier and healthier children, and we all know how quickly germs spread from hands. Squid Soap is an interactive way to let your children have fun and get hands dirty, safe in the knowledge they will take pride and have fun getting clean afterwards, a completely unique product which makes every day handwashing more fun.

RRP: £1.99 available from Tesco, Superdrug online and in store as well as and many more.

Prepared by : Sharon Steed
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