What happens when a scientist loses his wonder? According to Professor Brian Cox, this means he’s just “equations with great hair!” Comedian Robin Ince drops everything to aide in the search for Cox’s missing Wonder in The Quest For Wonder, available from The Incomplete Map of the Cosmic Genome. Brian, Robin and co-creator Trent Burton of Trunkman Productions co-wrote and star in this web series inspiring curiosity and wonder in parents and children alike.

Puppets of Brian and Robin are let loose in The Science Museum London to track down Cox’s Wonder, his fuzzy familiar who helps him see the joy in all things scientific. As they search for Wonder across six episodes, Robin and Brian explore the world of genetics, astronomy, and more throughout the museum and are joined by a number of guest stars including Reece Shearsmith, Josie Long and even astronaut Chris Hadfield. So join them on their journey to rediscover Wonder and learn more about the joys of science and the power of curiosity.

Together, Brian and Robin have hosted Sony Award’s and Rose D’Or winning The Infinite Monkey Cage and other live science variety nights including The End of the World and Brian and Robin’s Christmas Compendium of Reason. Best-selling popular science author and particle physicist Professor Brian Cox has hosted multiple BAFTA nominated and Royal Television Society Award winning TV series including Stargazing Live, Wonders of the Solar System and Wonders of the Universe. His newest show is Forces of Nature on BBC One. Robin Ince won the TimeOut award for Outstanding Contribution to Comedy, an Ockham Award, and multiple Chortle awards. In addition to being a successful comedian, Robin has an Honorary Doctor of Science from the Royal Holloway, University of London.

Trunkman Productions co-created The Incomplete Map of the Cosmic Genome and The Quest for Wonder. Trunkman Productions is run by husband and wife team, Trent and, Melinda Burton, who also directed The Quest For Wonder.  They specialise in combing the two fantastic worlds of science and comedy, collaborating with the likes of the BBC, Festival of the Spoken Nerd, Conway Hall, QED, and The Nightingale Collaboration. As well as The Incomplete Map of the Cosmic Genome, Trunkman produce the acclaimed podcast series Book Shambles, hosted by Robin Ince alongside comedian Josie Long.

The Quest For Wonder is available for free! Episodes can be found directly on YouTube and are also available through The Science Museum and Cosmic Genome websites. Cosmic Genome subscribers also have exclusive access to a ten-minute bonus episode at the end of every regular episode, featuring Robin as he learns more about the topic of each episode from real-life experts in the field.   

What the Press Have Said:

“Sesame Street meets The Infinite Monkey Cage”      Beyond the Joke

“The writing shows an astute awareness of audience…The laughs are plenty.”      Moody Comedy

The Quest for Wonder

6 highly amusing and educational episodes aimed to encourage our children to love Science.  Entertain the Kids will feature a new episode every hour throughout Friday, 21 October 2016. Today’s feature is Episode 1 : My Wonder’s Escaped

If you enjoyed this episode, follow the links below to enjoy the remaining episodes.


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