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Android phones, working from home and drinking coffee rather than tea have topped the list of what’s ‘cool’ in 2018.

A poll of 2,000 adults found one in 10 agreed rain macs are now ‘cooler’ than leather jackets, and brunch has beaten lunch and breakfast as the trendy new substitute for 13 per cent.

One quarter agreed staying in is the new going out, and charitable celebrities have more appeal than those who flaunt their wealth for 14 per cent of Brits.

Travelling off the beaten track is now trendier than package holidays for just under one quarter, and more than one in 10 agreed frozen yoghurt is now ‘cooler’ than ice-cream.

The research was conducted by Frozen Yogurt brand yoomoo to celebrate National Frozen Yogurt month, this June.

Lucy Mountain aka @thefashionfitnessfoodie, a spokesperson for yoomoo said: “Following the ‘clean eating’ backlash of 2015, people have realised that it’s not ‘cool’ to blindly cut out foods we enjoy.

“Let’s face it – a kale smoothie is never going to compare to your favourite dessert. It’s now all about balance and enjoying the foods you love.”

It also emerged avocados and yoga are on the top 30 list, with an eco-conscious nation voting reusable coffee cups as most popular movement to sweep 2018.

Cooking from scratch, going to HIIT training sessions and hosting a dinner party instead of eating out also featured.

Three in 10 admitted they have made an effort to appear trendier than they think they are, with an equal number at their coolest in their 20s.

Despite the 1960s voted the most popular decade by one in five, 72 per cent of the nation believed it’s all subjective as the definition of ‘cool’ has changed through the generations.

And six in 10 reckon popular movements from over the years will one day get a second chance in the spotlight.

Just 18 per cent considered themselves to be up-to-date with the latest trends, but three in 10 have been branded ‘cool’ by work colleagues, best friends and even strangers.

Over a third of Brits would be happy if they were described as ‘cool’ by someone younger than themselves, with one in five getting a confidence boost from such forms of flattery.

A spokesperson for yoomoo added: “Fro-yo is having its moment as people want to be able to enjoy food that doesn’t leave them with the guilt, but still feels like a treat.

”This June yoomoo will be celebrating National Frozen Yogurt Month and showing how versatile fro-yo can be, incorporating it into the latest food trends like breakfast bowls and waffle sandwiches.”

Lucy Mountain added: “I enjoy experimenting with lighter options such as yoomoo, which allows you to get creative with your mealtimes, and can be a useful way for people to keep on track with their goals without feeling restricted.”

Top 30 things which are considered ‘cool’ in 2018:

1. Reusable coffee cups

2. Going on holiday to unusual places off the beaten track

3. Going to the gym

4. Having a balanced diet

5. Staying in rather than going out

6. Working from home

7. Record players

8. Fitness trackers

9. Coffee

10. Being able to cook from scratch

11. Being teetotal or cutting back on your drinking/drinking alcohol free beverages

12. Yoga/Pilates/ Barrecore

13. Craft ale

14. Hosting a dinner party

15. Instagram

16. Cycling

17. Gin

18. Filter water bottles

19. Tattoos

20. Beards

21. Baking

22. Avocado

23. Frozen yogurt

24. Android phones

25. HIIT training

26. Being a fan of things from ‘before your time’ / nostalgia

27. Helping the family

28. Charity shops

29. The 80s

30. Pizza


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