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Put down your phone, switch off the computer… NOW…

… de-stress with a colouring book – better than Prozac!

Feeling stressed? Can't relax? Need something to ease your anxiety? Have you ever tried colouring?

Anxiety, stress and depression are generally the "secret illness" nobody likes to talk about it… you can't see it… yet it is all around us.

I was delighted to be asked to review one of the titles above because I am a member of a couple of groups within the Stockport Borough that provide and environment for Parents suffering and living with PND (Post Natal Depression) and other dibilitating conditions to have some time for themselves and with likeminded friends completing different arts and craft projects to help rebuild their self belief and confidence.

GMC Distribution’s colouring books, just £5.99 each.  Each book contains masses of drawings that have been created by internationally renowned artists.  You are left to add your own stamp to the drawings to add your own patterns, colours and imagination to create your very own unique piece of art.  The pages are perforated – so you can detatch your art work to display or even be framed for all to see.

You can use any medium at all – pencils, gel pens, coloured pencils, paints… the selection is endless.  The colouring books are slim enough to keep in your bag so you can take them absolutely anywhere when you need a few moments of calm… a few moments for YOU.

Unbelievably, colouring books are now outselling cookery books in France.

What better way to start the New Year than with an affordable, environmentally friendly and safe way to aid relaxation.  These books provide the perfect opportunity for meditation and escape from the busy world around us and your troubles.

Titles available:

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Nature Mandalas Coloring Book (9781574219579)
Dapper Animals Coloring Book (9781574219586)
Travel Landmarks Coloring Book (9781574219609)
Day of the Dead Coloring Book (9781574219616)
Peace & Love Coloring Book (9781574219630)
Hipster Coloring Book (9781574219647)
Creative Coloring Flowers (9781574219708)
Creative Coloring Animals (9781574219715)
Creative Coloring Inspirations (9781574219722)
Creative Coloring Mandalas (9781574219739)

Published by Design Originals and all priced at £5.99, available from The GMC Group

For sales information please visit GMC Distribution.

Written by : Sharon Steed
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